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Conflict, discussion and change occur naturally in our lives, as well as in the lives of organizations, communities and nations. The ability to find a peaceful solution to disagreements through conflict resolution is a skill we all need to create a peaceful and productive society.

Conflict resolution is the way two or more individuals, or organizations find a peaceful solution to the disagreements they face. These disagreements may be emotional, political, financial or all of them. A conflict usually involves a dispute between two or more individuals or organizations.

Conflict resolution through negotiation can be beneficial to all involved. Generally, each side will achieve more by engaging in negotiations than by going their own way. The story of Jack Sprat reflects this: “Jack Sprat couldn’t eat vegetables, his wife couldn’t eat meat, so the two of them finished their meals until they licked their plates. Jack and his wife benefited from splitting their meals because they didn’t want the same things. Sometimes you will discover the same thing about your opposition! Conflict resolution can be a way for your group to get resources that would otherwise be out of reach.

Problem solving examples

Creative problem solving (CPS) is actually a formal process formulated by Sidney Parnes and Alex Faickney Osborn, considered to be the father of traditional brainstorming (and the “O” in the famous advertising agency BBDO).

In 1911, American psychologist Edward Thorndike observed a series of cats trying to figure out how to escape from the cage he had put them in. From this, Thorndike developed his law of effect, which is to say that if you succeed by trial and error, you are more likely to use the same actions and ideas that led to your success when you have to face the problem again.

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We also have the Gestalt psychologists who took Thorndike’s ideas when they proposed that problem solving can be done through reproductive thinking, which has nothing to do with sex, but with solving a problem by using past experience and reproducing that experience to solve the current problem.

Problem solving psychology

There is a fact that cannot be overlooked, things get complicated and turn out differently than we had thought, even with the best planning. There are events that we cannot control and we must be prepared to act in those situations.

It doesn’t matter if you need to improve your company’s results, get better and more productive contacts, find a new way to develop your career; you will appreciate having good problem-solving skills. This mindset or attitude towards problems will help you in many different tasks you encounter on a daily basis.

But how can we achieve this mindset? Here are 5 of the most important concepts that are intrinsic to the Design Thinking methodology and that you should keep in mind when you are presented with a problem:

– Take it easy. Don’t lose your temper, there are situations that can be very difficult and that can make you think about the consequences before they happen, get angry and waste the time you have left to solve it by complaining instead of solving it. Losing your temper will affect you and your team, and many ideas and solutions will never be discovered if this happens. You have to accept the situation and look for the positive aspects of it.

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We must be aware that, on many occasions, the problem does not lie in the conflict itself, but in the lack of tools to manage conflict resolution, which can limit the development of social and even cognitive skills.

The most commonly used techniques for conflict resolution are usually dialogue, cooperation and empathy. In addition, there may be some scenarios that favor an ideal environment to provide solutions. Therefore, the following tips should be taken into account:

The ability to resolve conflicts is paramount for the control of emotions in and out of school. It is a process that involves a large number of cognitive skills such as creativity, memory, comprehension or attention, among others.

At Logos International, a private school located in Las Rozas, we give great importance to conflict resolution and we implement methodological or curricular adaptations to ensure the success and coexistence of our students.

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