How do I upgrade my HDP?

How do I upgrade my HDP?

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In order to watch digital television in Cuba, it is necessary a digital TV set that receives the DTMB standard or a hybrid TV set (analog and DTMB), both for 6 MHz channeling, or a decoder box that receives the DTMB standard for 6 MHz channeling and its output is for NTSC-M TV sets (standard for analog TV used in Cuba).

The great variety of brands and models of STB emanating from the market requires the generation of different updates for each one of them, which is not a problem, nor something that makes your initial investment more expensive, but the lack of knowledge about it can be an obstacle to keep your STB updated.

The official website of the Telecommunications Research and Development Institute (LACETEL), accessed through the URL (Fig. 1), provides the possibility of downloading updates for the variety of set-top boxes marketed in the country.

From the home page of the LACETEL website, select the brand and model of the STB purchased (for this particular example, RUNCH DTT1900 was used), following the sequence: Download/STB/RUNCH DTT1900.


To resolve this, the user may need to open a technical support ticket to have the nodes restarted. For more information, see

For the scripts and libraries used to export data from ZooKeeper and then import the data back into ZooKeeper with a new name, see HDInsight Storm Examples.

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The export command writes the metadata to an Apache Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) path (on an Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake Storage instance) at the location you have set.

Fix problem with Google Play Services.

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is an open source framework for distributed storage and processing of large data sets from multiple sources. HDP modernizes your IT infrastructure and keeps your data secure (in the cloud or on-premises environments), while helping you drive new revenue streams, improve customer experience and control costs.

HDP optimizes your performance to focus on faster queries. Hive LLAP, the fastest engine in Apache Hive, works in a multi-company environment without creating competition for resources. This integration dramatically speeds up queries commonly used in artificial intelligence scenarios, such as combination and aggregation queries. In addition to query optimization, Hive also enables the creation of resource groups, for greater accuracy in resource allocation.

HDP allows ACID transactions to be performed by default, simplifying Hive table updates and compliance with GDPR requirements. As a real-time database, Hive eliminates the performance gap between low-latency and high-performance workloads in order to process more data at a faster rate.

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It also decided to separate the full version installation from the proprietary options for updating features and security in Windows Update and implemented greater flexibility when applying updates and smart active hours to avoid unexpected reboots when they are applied.

And it’s nothing unusual. Windows updates continue to exhibit bugs as we saw last week with the new build 18362.295, where failures were recorded in the same installation, unidentified errors “0x80073701” and “0x800f0982”, crashes and random reboots.  Despite the improvement in stability, the Windows 10 ecosystem is simply huge in applications, drivers and hardware components of the 800 million computers where it is installed and Microsoft does not seem to be able to adjust everything 100%.

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Simple and transparent options that allow to pause updates in Windows 10 (now also in Home) in a simple way, without third-party tools and without having to spend a lot of time touching the registry.

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