Is FortiGate the same as Fortinet?

Is FortiGate the same as Fortinet?

Fortigate vs fortinet

There are different solutions for the cybersecurity of your company, Fortigate is a firewall to prevent internal and external threats. Fortiswitch is a simple and scalable ethernet solution. Finally, Fortiap is a wireless access point.

IT managers are always looking for ways to provide solutions to optimize the security and productivity of the company for which they work, this task is extremely complex because most of the services that help protect the security of this, at the same time are often very restrictive systems that can affect their productivity.

When talking about optimizing the security of companies we must take into account that not all the dangers of loss or misuse of information arise when an internal user misuses it consciously or unconsciously, the greatest risk comes from outside.

Thanks to a study published by Forbes, we know that 37% of organizations in Mexico have suffered the misuse of privileged information because third parties managed to obtain all or part of the company’s information.

What is the FortiGate?

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) is the global provider of network security appliances and a leader in unified threat management (UTM). Its products and services offer integrated, high-performance protection against dynamic security threats.

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What is Fortinet equipment?

Fortinet is a U.S. multinational company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It develops and markets cybersecurity software, devices and services, such as firewalls, antivirus, intrusion prevention and user device security, among others.

What can be done with Fortinet?

Fortinet is a pioneer in integrating several functions into a single Unified Threat Management platform. This platform includes: antivirus, application control, firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention and web filtering, to provide total protection for your content.

Fortinet support

2 – Customize the sensor. Next, we will notice that in each sensor we create, we will be able to define certain applications we want to control/monitor. In our case we are going to block P2P type applications, we can use the category filters offered by FortiGuard.

3 – We continue! Once we have defined the filter we can apply it to the traffic policy that is required, in our case we will apply it to the outgoing traffic of users to the Internet.

What operating system is common to all FortiGate devices?

FortiOS: Security Fabric’s operating system to enable digital transformation.

What is a firewall and what is it used for?

A firewall is a system that controls unauthorized outgoing and incoming traffic on a LAN. … The term firewall refers to a computer security system that prevents unauthorized access to our LAN, i.e. from the outside (WAN).

How to uninstall FortiGate?

Uninstall Fortinet antivirus through Windows settings. Click Start, select All Programs, click Accessories, select Add/Remove Programs, find Fortinet antivirus and click Remove.

Fortinet Versions

A Fortigate is one of the Fortinet brand equipment, it is mainly used to provide a high level of perimeter security to an organization, including different functions to protect the company’s assets from various practices such as email filtering and anti-spam.

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The most outstanding feature of this device is to protect the network from unknown users and attacks thanks to the threat detection provided by the security services of the FortiGuard labs.

This Fortigate model presents the same benefits as 100e with some differences, for example 60e also allows the incorporation of an SD-WAN solution, so its main differences are in the hardware capacity.

The 110c model is one of the models with the highest capacity and that arouses more interest in network and communication administrators, so many are looking for its features or qualities that are very useful to protect the security of a network and the respective assets.

Why Fortinet?

Fortinet offers the highest automation and integration against modern threats (ATP) allowing the integration and working together of FortiGate, FortiSandbox, Fortimail, FortiClient and Fortiweb devices; which working together provide maximum security, closing any possible gap for the most effective and efficient security solutions.

What is the latest version of Fortinet?

FortiOS 6.4, the latest version of Fortinet’s operating system, is unveiled. The security company announced the release of FortiOS 6.4, the latest version of its flagship operating system that employs the Fortinet Security Fabric.

What is the security of the network?

Network security is the general term used to describe the protection of all computer resources from failures and attacks on integrity, confidentiality and availability.

Fortinet Firewall

Fortinet, a maker of cybersecurity solutions, today announced the FortiGate 3000F, a new Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) with NP7 and CP9 security processing units (SPUs) to meet the demand of organizations building hybrid IT architectures to accelerate digital innovation and drive business growth.

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By integrating network and security convergence, dynamic network segmentation, automation and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities, the FortiGate 3000F supports the advent of ultra-scalable networks without compromising security performance.

The new NGFW also distinguishes itself by achieving the performance figure with Security Compute Ratings that show up to six times higher connections per second than other models.

This NGFW comes with a ZTNA access proxy that allows users to access applications and resources from anywhere, anytime, with constant authentication and security controls.

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