What are professional documents?

What are professional documents?


If the document has been issued by a national agency in your home country, a translation can only be required in case of justified doubts. If it was not issued by a body in your home country, the authorities may ask for a translation.

Nurses or pharmacists: if your qualification is mentioned here (Annex V) and your training started after the reference date indicated, you are entitled to automatic recognition and do not need a translation if the qualification was issued in your current country of residence.

If these documents were issued by a national body in your home country, a translation may only be required in case of justified doubts. If they were not issued by an agency in your home country, the authorities may require a translation.

If the document has been issued by a national agency in your home country, a translation can only be required in case of justified doubts. If it was not issued by an agency in your home country, the authorities may require a translation.

What are professional documents?

It is a document that summarizes the studies carried out, the most relevant work experiences and the capabilities of a person. Although the term and the format were originally used in the United States, the document entitled Resumé has spread throughout the cybernetic network.

What is the Word menu?

Microsoft Word menus. Word’s menu bar organizes commands in a logical way, making it easy to access the features you need. For example, all commands related to tables are grouped together in the TABLE menu.

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What is the Word worksheet?

The worksheet is developed in a 12-column tabular sheet, which has the following structure: Header: formed by the name or corporate name of the organization, the name of the document and the date of the period in which it is made. Order number of the accounts. Name of the accounts with their code.

Professional writings

To preserve the authenticity and reliability of an archival document it is essential to respect both the context in which it was generated (this will allow us to understand who created it, what for and the form), as well as its content and format (the way in which the document is represented).

We can see that we are constantly surrounded by documents and that this is so commonplace that sometimes it seems to go almost unnoticed. It is worth noting that the sources that generate documents are diverse, among them we can mention:

If you want to know more about archival documents, we invite you to visit the “Memory of the World” registry, this site is managed by the United Nations and is in charge of making visible and advocating for the importance of documents, you will find here some of the most important archives in the world and the content of the website is constantly updated.

How do I create a letterhead in Word?

Click on “File”, “New” and then double click on “Letterhead”. The letterhead folder will be displayed under “Office.com Templates” when you click “New”.

What is the most used document in Mexico?

There are several official identification documents issued by the Mexican authorities, the most important of which is the voter’s credential issued by the National Electoral Institute (INE).

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What are the official documents in Guatemala?

The basic and most popular official documents that confirm your identity in Guatemala are your DNI, passport and driver’s license.

Professional Word documents

Direct, analyze and propose studies on the changes of service assignment, according to the requirements of society, within the communication routes in the State of Michoacán de Ocampo, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

To advise in the conformation of files for the realization of the procedure of donations from abroad that migrants make to their communities of origin in order to improve their economic and social development.

Contribute to strengthen social participation to promote community development through productive inclusion and social cohesion schemes by means of complementary investment of resources and community and intergovernmental participation. In Social Infrastructure, Community Services, Educational and/or Productive projects proposed by migrants.

Incorporate returning Mexican migrants into the formal market, encouraging them with Productive Projects and detonating their knowledge and skills in the different labor branches that allow them economic development and welfare for their families, in their municipalities and localities of origin.

What is an official document examples?

What is an official document in Mexico? … Documents with which a natural person can prove his or her identity; the Credential to Vote issued by the Federal Electoral Institute, the valid Passport, the National Military Service Card or the professional license, are some of the examples.

What are the types of informative documents?

informative documents letter, memorandum, office, resume, etc.

How are company documents classified?

Regardless of the classification system chosen in the Archives, documents are classified: by fonds, a set of documents produced by an institution or entity. by series, within the fonds. … by files, within the series.

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Types of professional documents

In reality, all members of an organization are content producers and brand communicators, since they issue messages aligned to the fulfillment of an objective. (That is the must be, and good companies strive for it). Whoever writes an e-mail or responds to a customer request is, in effect, producing a document. Content and documents should not be associated only with reports, books or manuals (that is a mistake) but with any orderly information that is issued to communicate to an internal or external customer about a particular matter.

Some of the most frequently written documents in a company are: management reports, expert opinions, communiqués and guidelines. But, as often as these documents are written, the errors they contain are numerous. The vast majority of them do not order the ideas properly due to their fragility in argumentation, do not use punctuation marks and accentuation rules properly and do not synthesize the information, which is why they are usually written in dense paragraphs that are unreadable. This happens in companies of all kinds.

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