What are the type of documents?

What are the type of documents?

Types of office documents

Important documents prove the occurrence of certain events and are used to document financial transactions. You may need them at various times in your life. For example, a birth certificate is used to prove age when starting school, to obtain a driver’s license, or to apply for social security benefits. It is also needed by relatives to obtain a death certificate. Financial records are the key to your financial situation, are essential to help you save money on income taxes, and provide an indication of your financial progress during your lifetime.

Valuable documents can be classified into two types: those that are needed for everyday use and those that are needed occasionally. Examples of frequently used valuable documents include driver’s license, credit cards, health insurance card, bank account records, identity card, and special health documentation, such as those indicating allergies, disabling conditions, and blood type. Examples of documents that are occasionally used include birth, marriage, and death certificates; deeds; leases; contracts; insurance policies; military documents; divorce decrees; social security records; and wills.

What is a document and how many types are there?

According to the possibility or form of transmission or dissemination

From the social point of view we would speak of public, reserved and unpublished documents. This type of documents can have a physical support, such as tapes, or more recently they can be stored digitally, which does not take up space.

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What are the types of written documents?

DEFINITION: Written documents are the most traditional and most informative sources of information in that they can provide the most information about an investigation or relevant information about something and also about past historical events1.

What type of document is the DNI?

The official name is national identity document (DNI), although it is also called identity card.

Types of identity documents

Document management is the set of processes that focus on the review, storage and retrieval of documents and important information handled within a company. This is carried out through the application of technical standards that are characterized by their practicality at the time of carrying out the administration of physical and electronic files.

Document management is the set of technical and practical standards that seek the correct administration of a company’s information. This is done through the review, analysis and storage of electronic and physical documentation, in order to help the company optimize its processes and save time, space and important costs.

In itself, document management, through the application of specialized methodologies, improves document and information management processes, maintaining their order and hierarchy in an optimal and objective manner, all in order to improve processes, programs and systems. Therefore, it can be said that:

What is a public document and examples?

Example of public documents.

An example of a public document is the deed of sale of a real estate property, in which a notary public, who is not a public official but performs public functions, has intervened.

What are history documents?

Historical documents are original documents that contain important historical information about a person, place or event, so they can serve as primary sources as important ingredients of historical methodology.

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What are the types of administrative documents?

Administrative documents are the result of the administrative activity carried out by the bodies of the Administration in the exercise of the functions and competencies entrusted to it by the regulations.

Types of administrative documents

This topic provides step-by-step instructions and recommended procedures for making Word documents accessible to people with disabilities.  When documents are accessible, it unlocks the content to all users and people with disabilities can read the content and work with their files. You will learn, for example, how to add alternative text to images so that people who use screen readers can hear what the image is about. You will also learn how to use colors and styles to maximize the inclusiveness of Word documents before sharing them with other users.

Word has many built-in features that help people with different abilities to read and create documents. Word also offers the Accessibility Checker that locates elements that may cause problems for people with disabilities.

People using screen readers sometimes detect a list of links. Links should convey clear and accurate information about the destination. For example, instead of creating a link with the text Click here, type the full title of the destination page.

What are the digital documents to print?

DIGITAL FOR PRINTING: A digital document can be elaborated directly in an electronic medium, with programs such as “word processors” such as Microsoft’s “Word”, with the purpose of printing it later; at the same time, this type of document fulfills the characteristics of a digital document….

What is the DNI called in Mexico?

National Identity Card (D.N.I.)

What information appears on the DNI?

Under the basic information (name and surname, sex, nationality and date of birth) appears this 9-digit alphanumeric code. These are two initial letters and 7 numbers that, in reality, identify the physical card and not the person. Therefore, when the DNI is renewed, this number will change.

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Types of personal documents

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Documents such as study plans and study certificates must be previously certified by requesting the information at the University’s General Secretariat, consult the UAM directory.

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – Study plans must be previously certified by the Dirección de Certificación y Control Documental, for further information please consult the UNAM directory.

Private Universities Incorporated to the National Autonomous University of Mexico – For the authentication of documents, they must be requested at the General Directorate of Incorporation and Revalidation of Studies, Subdirectorate of Certifications.

The SAT will only issue CFDIs for those payments in which the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) is correctly entered in the e5cinco system, according to the institutional databases.

The receipts generated under this scheme will be available for the receiving taxpayer as of December 30, 2014, on the SAT’s website in the section Procedures / Electronic Invoice / Consult, cancel and recover.

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