What are three examples of visual documentation?

What are three examples of visual documentation?

What is the purpose of the document?

A vision document defines the scope and high-level objective of a program, product or project. A clear statement of the problem, a proposed solution, and the high-level features of a product help set expectations and reduce risks. This topic provides an outline of the potential content of a vision document.See Developing a Vision for an explanation of how the product owner or business analyst works with stakeholders to develop a vision document. That topic, which is part of the Collaborative Lifecycle Management scenario guide, describes the vision development process. This topic outlines the typical content of the document. You can copy this outline, paste it into a new document and use it as the basis for the vision document. Use the parts of the outline that are relevant to the project.

You can use the outline in one or several rich text documents or modules. You can include requirements and related artifacts in rich text documents or use the numbered hierarchical structure of a module to organize the content. Team members can define attributes, such as priority and status,

What are the visual documents?

An audiovisual document is one that contains moving images -visual information- and sound in the same medium, regardless of the physical medium or the form of recording, and which requires a technological device for its recording, transmission, perception and comprehension.

What is a visual document?

Visual documents thus constitute a valuable educational tool both for their informative/formative and dissemination potential and as a design instrument: they are in themselves the construction of spaces for reflection.

What is a document and examples?

These are records that have the ability to prove that a fact exists, so they have a great value, that is why they are known as official documents. An example of this type of document are marriage or divorce certificates, birth certificates, proof of life, etc.

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What are the types of documents?

Documentary source is the origin of information, especially for research, be it journalism, historiography or the production of academic literature in general.[1] In some contexts, the terms author and source are synonymous.

The treatment of documentary sources, if it is to be scientific, must start from a critique of the sources, that is, from the judgment that the researcher (journalist or historian, for example) must make on their sincerity and correspondence with reality.[2] At the same time, the treatment of documentary sources, if it is to be scientific, must start from a critique of the sources, that is, from the judgment that the researcher (journalist or historian, for example) must make on their sincerity and correspondence with reality.

At the same time, the treatment of sources must be respectful of them through fidelity to the sources: not falsifying or distorting them to make them say what the researcher wants them to say.

See also: Bibliographic reference, Critical apparatus, Bibliography, Metabibliography and Guide to sources of information.original research must not hide the sources on which it is based. If the original contribution is insufficient or irrelevant, there is no originality but plagiarism. The reproduction of quotations can be abusive (sometimes most of the text is in quotation marks).

What are the sound documents?

We can understand by the term sound document a type of document that contains information recorded in the form of sound in some form of expression (oral speech, music, noises…) and that, due to the mode of recording and support used, require the use of a specific reproduction device: …

What are the virtual documents?

A virtual document is a document for which there is a non-persistent state and in which some or all of its instances are automatically generated over a period of time.

What is Visual Studio software?

Visual Studio is a set of tools and other component-based software development technologies for building efficient, high-performance applications, enabling developers to create Web sites, Web applications and other Web services in any environment that supports the platform.

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The European Blind Union calls for information to be accessible to all; this includes blind and visually impaired people; it also calls for access to be provided at the same time and at no additional cost.

The first section of this article explains how to make electronic documents accessible. The following sections provide information on specific file formats. Readers who are only interested in the accessibility of web pages can read section 4.1 and then skip to section 4.4. Those interested in spreadsheet accessibility can read sections 4.1 and 4.6, etc.

The information is not just text. This section defines some basic concepts about accessible information. Detailed information about each application can be found in the following sections (sections 4.2 to 4.7).

Indicate the main language of your document; many blind and visually impaired people use software that reads documents aloud to them; since pronunciation rules are determined by the language in question, the program needs to know in which language the text is written in order to select the appropriate voice. If all your documents are written in the same language, you only need to set it up once. If you create documents in several languages it is even more important that you carefully specify the language of the text.

What is artistic documentation?

By extension, it also refers to all literary productions of a nation, an era or even a genre (Greek literature, 18th century literature, fantastic literature, etc.) and to all works dealing with an art or a science (medical literature, legal literature, etc.).

Why is it important to document artistic processes?

In relation to the creators, it constitutes a valuable testimony to know and reconstruct their lives, to discover those events that defined their plastic work and trajectory, as well as it allows us to have knowledge of the distinctive aspects of the stylistic aspects and artistic currents.

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What does a text document mean?

A text document is a file in which characters are stored in a certain format. … Plain Text File: A plain text file is a file that contains only text without any information about its presentation and attributes such as color, font or font size.


Thanks to the compilation work and according to the topics of interest of the seminar, which include the revolutionary past of the community of Santiago Tepalcatlalpan, the local biodiversity and the traditions of the population, different types of documents were collected that served different purposes, the most important of which are the following:

1. GRAY, Carole. 2006. Inquiry through creative practice: A different way of knowing? In: GUTIÉRREZ Hilda. I Symposium of Visual Studies: production as research. Eds Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Faculty of Visual Arts. Pp. 103-123.

In addition, this publication is supplied with contents generated by the teaching staff of the institution, as well as the opinions and research of other academics from different university instances and various experts in the area.

It takes its name from the alloy used for the creation of jewelry (known as Sterling) as a guarantee of quality. Therefore, from the creation of jewelry we extract these values as identity: Malleability, Alloy, Resistance and Guarantee of quality.

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