What is confluence tool?

What is confluence tool?

Confluencia sinonimo

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What is confluence in medicine

In hydrology, a river confluence, or simply, confluence, is the meeting in one of two or more watercourses, glaciers, or marine streams, as well as the point where this occurs.[note 1] In hydrology, a confluence is the meeting of two or more watercourses, glaciers, or marine streams at one point.

Downstream of a confluence, the riverbed is usually proportionally narrower than the sum of the width of the two rivers upstream. This narrowness is compensated for by a greater depth of bed through which the current is also faster, so that the velocity of the current also increases proportionally.

Confluence of Rivers

A Community of Practice is a group of people who share a genuine interest, come together periodically to deepen and expand their knowledge and experience in that area, and weave a network of related relationships (definition adapted from Etienne Wenger).

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We hope to be able to co-create periodic meetings, open to all those who want to, to share facilitation experiences, learn together new tools, techniques or skills, but most of all to generate connections around facilitation in the whole area.

We want to develop this art, make it known in the region and generate experiences that allow us to appreciate the benefits of good facilitation, taking care of processes, results and relationships.

On December 3 we launched the Community of Facilitators of the Confluence with a first meeting. The purpose of this launch was mainly to get to know each other, share our relationship with facilitation, organize ourselves as a community and talk about the topic.

Confluencia gestalt example

CONFLUENCIA Ambiente & Seguridad is constituted developing its activity in consulting and engineering services in environment, safety and industrial risk, liquid effluent treatment and soil and water remediation, development and implementation of systems and sample analysis.    Confluencia A&S is formed by professionals with experience and trajectory in the development of environmental research and studies, effluent treatment plants, risk and environmental research and interventions, as well as in the development of systems for the most important companies in the region linked to the hydrocarbon activity, construction, hydroelectric, food industries, mining, services, as well as for diverse urban/environmental developments.

It currently has its offices and operational base in the city of Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina. The services, professional background, available resources and qualifications are detailed below.

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