What is OpenText do?

What is OpenText do?

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December 16, 2010 – OpenText Corporation, a provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities, today announced enhancements to Extended ECM for SAP® solutions, also marketed by SAP AG as SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management (SAP Extended ECM) by OpenText. The new enhancements enable users to access shared workspaces from their preferred user interface and collaborate more easily and productively on content related to SAP transactions. Other enhancements include new social capabilities, such as the ability to create user profiles and activity feeds, case management tools, enhanced security, and tighter integration between ECM and SAP applications.

Additional enhancements include improved support for linking documents to business objects (also called business references) and increased security through the synchronization of roles and permissions between SAP applications and OpenText ECM Suite.


OpenText Corporation is Canada’s largest [software] company,[1] where it is headquartered, develops and distributes Enterprise Information Management (EIM) or information solutions for large enterprises across all industries.[2] Some of those early participants in the project were two computer science professors, Dr. Frank Tompa and Dr. Gaston Gonnet, a computer science student, Michael Knowles, and a colleague in the Faculty of Arts.

Some of those early participants in the project were two computer science professors, Dr. Frank Tompa and Dr. Gaston Gonnet, a computer science student, Michael Knowles, and his colleague from the Faculty of Arts, John Stubbs.

Some key people later involved were Tom Jenkins (P Thomas Jenkins, known as Tom), who joined the company as COO in 1994 and Tim Bray. Tom Jenkins would later become President and CEO, and also Executive Chairman since 2013. John Shackleton was President from 1998 -2011, and CEO from 2005-2011. Mark Barrenechea has been President and CEO of OpenText since 2012.

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Content Suite: Enables all types of users to apply consistent policies on any type of content within the enterprise, to protect its security, integrate its sources and manage its data.

Opentext content suite

OpenText ECM Content Management and Workflow represents a solution that allows you to work with a large amount of documentation (millions of scanned, printed and microfilmed documents). OpenText ECM is a scalable solution that allows easy introduction of new document types and addition of new users, as well as expansion and addition of new work processes in the system.

OpenText ECM includes modules for document management, advanced workflow, digital document signing, scanning, document importing and advanced reporting options. The system is prepared for full integration with other standard work applications (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Share Point, Adobe, Microsoft Office Suite, etc.). OpenText ECM contains the ability to easily connect with other working applications (such as Core Banking System, for example).

The input module of OpenText Content Management is the OpenText Imaging Enterprise Scan module, which can scan up to more than a few million documents per day. Enterprise Scan also supports the import of faxes and electronic documents using the hot-folder (polling) mechanism, as well as the automatic import of documents from e-mails.



The adoption of technological innovations often exposes organizations to a new set of regulatory, security and contractual risks. This is particularly true when it comes to content and information floating across the enterprise. OpenText solutions for SAP are ready to connect your enterprise architecture and enable you to leverage SAP’s innovation strategy for seamless adoption, securing content in context, keeping its lifecycle intact, end-to-end, from creation to disposal.

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Pure and hybrid cloud deployments, such as Invoice Payable, an on-premises and cloud-based hybrid solution that you can leverage in conjunction with Ariba Network. Manage connected employee records with SAP SuccessFactors. OpenText OCR included in the SAP Cloud for Travel solution.

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