What is $this in CodeIgniter?

What is $this in CodeIgniter?

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In general, we can perform the loads in a very similar way to what CodeIgniter allows us to do in the rest of the elements, such as libraries or models. Create our own helpers This is one of the components in CodeIgniter that we can create ourselves; that is, we can have our own custom helpers; for example, we will create a helper called utils_helper in the following directory:

In general, what this function does is given a date, it returns the date in another form. We can also define the functions that we need, although remember, that they must be functions of the same class; for example:

What is a helper in CodeIgniter?

The helpers in CodeIgniter are files that store a set of functions defined globally throughout our application based on the same classification or the same type.

Which ORM does CodeIgniter use?

It uses a very powerful ORM system: Eloquent, which allows to easily incorporate automatic pagination, one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, polymorphic, validation, field protection, array/json generation… Blade template engine: incredibly sophisticated and simple.

Why is laravel better than CodeIgniter?

Unlike CodeIgniter, Laravel uses a lot of Symfony core, which makes it very similar internally. CodeIgniter’s learning curve is lighter as it is somewhat easier to use. With older versions of PHP and MySQL, CodeIgniter works better.

Configure codeigniter 3

After this long prelude, which I hope will also be useful for you, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. First of all and following the premise of not reinventing the wheel, I will provide you with a package containing Codeigniter 2.1.3 and Doctrine 2.3.2. You can download it from here codeigniter2_doctrine2.rar

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Once installed (simply unzip the rar package in the root of our site is enough) we are going to provide our new framework with a few necessary configurations. You have to locate the file application/config/config.php There we will give all the necessary configurations to work well with our site, such as the path of our site in the variable :

Once we have these two configuration files edited and accommodated to our workspace, we can see how Doctrine works with Codeigniter. The great thing about this is to work through the console and that it automatically generates all the necessary files to abstract perfectly the classes of the different objects that compose our data model. To do this, and since I am currently working under Windows, we open our CMD and we go to our Codeigniter project (you should already know how to do this, use the cd command to go to c:path of your project) and thus be able to run the Doctrine client via command line.

How does the CodeIgniter framework work?

The PHP framework CodeIgniter works with a URL: to reach the controller, as the central control unit between the view and the model, it is necessary to enter a URL in the search bar of the web browser.

What is a helper in programming?

In programming, a helper is a way of grouping commonly used functions, intended to help other processes. A helper is composed of generic functions that are responsible for performing complementary actions, applicable to any element of a system.

What is a helper in PHP?

Helpers are the look-alike component classes for the application layer of your application. They contain the presentational logic that is shared between views, elements, or layouts.

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$this->ci works because with $this->ci = &get_instance() you are calling a reference to the main controller class … again. If you look in the startup file (IIRC. Or the codeigniter.php file) there is the get_instance() function, which does nothing more than return (by reference) the instance of the CI_Controller class.

So, basically, calling $this->ci->load and $this->load are exactly the same, only that the first one is unnecessary inside a Controller / Model / View because the system is already doing it in the main class (through the method load).

If you take a look at the libraries, for example, you will see that using $this->ci->method() is necessary, because you need to have available all the methods of the CI_Controller, which is a kind of “superclass” that handles the whole framework.

Damien Pirsy has explained the question well and I will tell my experience: I found that &get_instance() returns the current controller that is handling this request, it inherits from most of the base CI_Controller; while $this->ci specifically means the CI_Controller instance – liar.

How does ORM relate to Rdbms?

An ORM is a programming model that allows mapping the structures of a relational database (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.), hereafter RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), on a logical structure of entities in order to simplify and accelerate the development of our applications.

What is the easiest framework to use?


If you are new to PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter can be an excellent choice because it is fairly easy to learn and easy to get started with. In addition, the platform has excellent documentation, which means you should have no difficulty learning the basics.

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What is the easiest framework to learn?

Laravel. One of the kings of PHP frameworks thanks to its extremely easy to learn and use design.

Codeigniter vs laravel 2021

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