What types of documentation are used in engineering?

What types of documentation are used in engineering?

Plan reviews

– Scientific journal: serial publication containing mainly articles by different authors, with diverse contents within a thematic area. It provides recent and evaluated information (peer review). They are essential for research in the technical area. Engineering Journals

– Proceedings: Collect the papers presented at scientific or professional meetings, which are called congresses, symposiums, conferences, workshops, etc. They are very important documents to learn about new trends, as well as to keep up to date in the area of research.

– Review article: a bibliographic study on a topic that compiles, analyzes, synthesizes and discusses published information. It consolidates existing information and shows trends in research. May include a critical review of the state of knowledge.

– Technical standards: contain rules and guidelines for certain activities or results, are developed by consensus and approved by recognized bodies. They may be regional, national or international in scope.    Voluntary application.

What are the engineering documents?

Engineering Documentation involves engineering specifications, engineering drawings, technical illustrations and are prepared to verify the design. These documents form the basis for the development that is carried out by institutes, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.

What does a documentation engineer do?

Primary responsibilities include coordinating all paperwork and other materials related to project documentation. These documents include engineering drawings, product specifications and modifications, and production schedules.

What are basic engineering studies?

Basic engineering, also known as FEED, is defined as the phase of the project in which process and associated engineering documentation of sufficient quality and depth is produced to adequately define the equipment, lines and other specifications for the detailed engineering phases, …

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Types of construction documents

Documentation is the science of documenting, and it is identified by the processing of information that will provide specific data on a given subject; accordingly, it can be identified as an instrumental and auxiliary technique to inform numerous people about a specific subject. A document is nothing more than a written text that has the purpose of serving as a support for the account of a circumstance, it can also be described as a letter containing data that must be identified to verify information.

According to the criterion with which the document is written, it can be classified into: textual documents, which are written or produced on paper, and non-textual documents, which use a medium other than paper to capture the data to be published (pendrive, recording, video, etc.).

In a restricted sense, documentation as a documentary science could be defined as the science of information processing, which provides a compendium of data for a specific purpose, with a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary scope.[3] The following is the definition of documentation as a science.

What is basic and detailed engineering?

Basic engineering is developed by a small group of engineers (compared to detailed engineering which requires more dedicated people), who prepare drawings, technical specifications and, if applicable, bidding documentation.

What does it take to become a documenter?


Experience in design patterns. Experience in layered programming. Knowledge of software implementation methodologies (Scrum, RUP, SDLC). Proficient in the use of version control systems such as: CVS, SVN or Git.

How much does a process documenter earn?

How much does a Documenter earn in Mexico? The average documenter salary in Mexico is $96,000 per year or $49.23 per hour. Entry level positions start at $71,580 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $132,000 per year.

Engineering document reviews

Focusing on the business, it is a primary function of management to follow up on every task that can bog down even the best. Properly documenting every transaction, who is in charge of which assignments, and scheduling deadlines are vital to running a productive enterprise.

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Quality assurance is a means to prevent errors or defects in manufactured products, and avoid problems in delivering products or services to customers. Quality Assurance (QA) is applied to physically completed pre-production, to verify that the product meets specifications and requirements, and during mass production, by validating that a portion of the samples meet specific quality control. Quality Assurance (QA) plays a critical role in high volume documented projects and ensures that standards are met while cost and time constraints are maintained or improved.

In product recalls, which are implemented prior to any disaster, they usually only have to replace that part with the validated component. But, in the worst case, this can result in someone’s death and then replacing the component would be the least of the company’s worries.

What is the structure of a document?

The basic document structure of a WordProcessingML document consists of the < document > and < body > elements, followed by one or more block-level elements such as <p>, which represents a paragraph. A paragraph contains one or more<r> elements.

What are documentations?

Documentation is the science of documenting, and is identified by the processing of information that will provide specific data on a given subject; accordingly, it can be identified as an instrumental and auxiliary technique to inform numerous people on a given subject.

How is basic engineering structured?

The basic engineering is developed in two stages: the first one consists of data collection and elaboration of the user requirements and the second one consists of the rest of the works compiled in the previous list.

Revision of engineering drawings

With the completion of the Conceptual Phase, it can be said that the Project has been born and, from that moment on, it is time to nurture it, so that it grows and develops in order to materialize it in an operational physical reality that complies with what was foreseen.

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The objective of project engineering is to produce sufficient and detailed technical documentation to define, manufacture, build, assemble and start up the various systems, equipment and components that will make up the selected technological solution. All this must be done without deviating from the budget, the deadline and the defined qualities.

As described above, a process can be subdivided into different sub-processes, which require, in a more concentrated way, the development of their own process engineering. Thus, in the electric energy production process, the transformation of thermochemical energy from combustion into thermal energy requires the development of a specific process, such as steam production in a boiler through the following sub-processes: grinding and drying of the fuel, combustion in burners or fluidized beds, transport of combustion gases, heat exchanges gases/water, gases/steam and gases/combustion air and, finally, production and transport of superheated and reheated steam.

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