Can Amazon keep my money?

Can Amazon keep my money?

I received the wrong product from amazon

Note: The rule will still apply to all orders that were placed while the rule was active. For example, if you removed a rule on January 10 and on January 15 a customer requested a return for an order they placed on January 5, that customer is still entitled to a non-refundable refund for the order.

For international returns, the cost of return shipping is always the responsibility of the seller, even for returns where the customer is responsible. If you offer the domestic return option, you will not have to refund the original shipping cost for customer-liable returns. For returns that are the seller’s responsibility, you must refund the original shipping cost.

If you do not have a default domestic return address for one or more of the European stores you sell from, you can contact an international returns provider listed on the Service Provider Network page who can assist you.

How long does Amazon take to refund money?

For returns of products shipped by Amazon you will receive a refund within 14 days from the date you sent the return. You will be able to see it on your bank statement within 5-7 working days from the issuance of the refund.

What if my Amazon package comes empty?

The most considered option is for you to offer a refund for the amount of the product that has not been received. If the original order arrives after the refund has been made, we may charge the customer again (with your authorization).

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When an Amazon order is cancelled, do you get your money back?

Do I get my money back? Yes, once the order is cancelled we will proceed to refund the money, which will depend on the payment method used and the time you took to cancel.

Nice amazon returns

In this case the first thing you should do is contact the store where you made the purchase and see if they can respond to your claim.  In case of refusal, check with your bank to see if they can help you with your claim.

This is when the bank that issued your card claims the refund of a charge from the bank of the merchant that received the payment. This claim can only be made when the product or service does not meet the description of the sale and the merchant has not made a refund to your account, this also includes cases where the merchant has gone into receivership or bankruptcy.

What happens if I do not return an Amazon package?

If you do not return the original product to us within this 30-day period, Amazon reserves the right to charge the price of the replacement product to the same payment method you used to confirm the order.

What happens to products that are returned to Amazon?

At Amazon, every returned item goes through a detailed inspection process, which applies to both items originally sold by Amazon and those we ship on behalf of our business partners.

How long do I have to cancel an Amazon purchase?

If at least one item has been shipped, you can cancel all unshipped items 72 hours after placing your order. If you are no longer in time to cancel an order shipped directly from Amazon, you can refuse delivery or return it through our online Returns Center.

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Amazon has reported me

We have reviewed the information you have provided and have completed our review of your account. We have decided not to disburse the funds. Due to the nature of our business, we do not provide details of our investigation methods.

Good afternoon, I am the same as you, today I received this same message with a lot of money withheld and it has been 4 months since I was suspended. What are you going to do? this is already desperate for me that they are keeping all the money and I don’t know what to do!

Well, nothing, because of some performance notices of intellectual property claim. I’ll explain, we sell consumer electronics products, with a fairly large catalog. Well, from time to time, there is a brand or simply someone from the competition, who files a complaint saying that such a seller does not have the right to sell such products.

When this happens, what we do is to send a plan of action, in which in addition to removing the 2 or 3 products that indicate the listing, we delete them from our system so that the problem does not arise again, and we also put staff so that in case that situation occurs again, within 24/48 hours is corrected.

What is the postage amount?

The postage is the corresponding fee that we must pay for making a particular mailing. This postage is usually expressed in a letter through the stamp, which shows the price paid and that the payment of the shipment has been made correctly.

What happens if I receive a package that is not mine?

The courier company will try to locate your package, but if they are unsuccessful, they will declare it as “lost” and you will have the right to claim that the package was delivered to someone else and not to you, and request a refund.

How to contact Amazon by Whatsapp?

Online chat with Amazon

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We log in to Amazon and follow this path: Side menu -> Customer service -> Contact us -> Select an order -> Tell us more -> Choose an option -> How would you like to contact us? -> Chat.

How long does it take amazon to refund a cancelled order?

Here are some ways to act in these situations. Regardless of the option you choose, the customer may leave you a negative feedback on the transaction. To manage negative feedback, please refer to the What do I do if I receive a negative feedback?

See Contacting the customer for more information on how to initiate communication. If you choose this option, please note that the customer can file a complaint under the A to Z Warranty. Click here for more information on A to Z Warranty claims and how to respond to an A to Z Warranty claim notification.

If you choose this option, issue a refund to the customer and then ask the customer to reorder the product. While this could mean a financial loss to your company, it constitutes good customer service. If the original order arrives, you can arrange the return with the customer.

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