How long does it take to get my compensation?

How long does it take to get my compensation?

How long does a workers’ compensation claim take?

/categories/investigacion-laboralHow long does it take to receive a severance payment?    El Empleo NoticiasCESHOR2021-04-16T13:49:43-05:002021-05-13T10:38:25-05:00There are doubts about the time period that the employer has to pay a former employee. In this note we tell you what you can do if time passes and you do not receive the money.

“In reality, there is no deadline determined by law for the recognition and payment of the liquidation of social benefits, since it depends on the way in which the link ends,” explained Leonardo Mejía, director of Mejía López Abogados.

In case there is an unjustified delay in the recognition and payment of the settlement, the so-called ‘moratorium indemnity’, which is enshrined in Article 65 of the Substantive Labor Code, would apply.

That is to say, the employer would have to pay one day’s salary for each day of delay in the payment of the amounts due, until the payment is effectively made by virtue of the respective liquidation.

How long does it take an insurance company to indemnify?

Payment of the indemnity or repair of the insured object.

Be that as it may, the Law sets a term of 40 days, from the time the insurance company received the notification of the loss, to make “the payment of the minimum amount of what the insurer may owe, according to the circumstances of the known”.

How to claim Victims’ Unit compensation?

Victims who live abroad and are included in the Sole Registry of Victims (RUV) can apply for compensation by sending an email to [email protected] giving their complete contact and location information (address, country, province, landline and cell phone number, …

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What is indemnity insurance?

The indemnity in the insurance contract is the amount paid to the beneficiary of the contract, which is equivalent to the commercial value, invoice value or the value agreed between the parties, of the damage caused to the insured property and up to the limit of the sum insured.

Compensation payments to displaced persons 2021

This is a difficult question to answer, since a claim of this type involves many factors that will significantly condition the time to receive the economic compensation to which we are entitled. We analyze the different factors that intervene in this matter and that it is important to take into account.

However, at present, the injured party who wants to claim in court is forced to go to a civil proceeding, in case an out-of-court agreement is not possible, and in that case the claims are extended in time for several reasons, including the clogging of our Courts, and on the other hand the need to have a medical expert report to defend the extent of the injuries suffered and the sequels or disabilities that remain to the injured party.

Another factor to take into account is that no claim can be filed against the responsible insurance company until the injured victim has completed the entire healing process and is medically discharged. In the case of minor injuries, such as neck pain, the healing period is shorter, but when the injuries are serious and have long periods of sick leave or rehabilitation, the times are inevitably longer.

When do you get paid accident compensation?

Actually there is no established term, but when there is a sentence the companies usually consign the money as soon as possible, if two weeks pass and the company has not consigned the money, we file a writ requesting the execution of the sentence and the payment of the amounts due to the company.

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When do you pay the 2021 displaced persons’ compensation?

The Victims Unit will advance the humanitarian aid that was to be paid in May and June and will pay it in April. The Director of Social Prosperity, Susana Correa, estimated that with this decision they will reach 50,100 victims.

How can I check if I have a humanitarian aid draft?

To inquire about your Humanitarian Assistance, remember to do it through the channels of attention of the Unit for Victims. Telephone: 018000 911 119 and 426 1111 in Bogota, option 5.


The transitory route is for people who have already submitted documents to request compensation, complete or incomplete, and are waiting for a response from the Unit. In this case, the Unit contacts the victim if documents are missing and schedules an appointment for them to submit the requested documents. Once the documentation is complete, the Unit has 180 working days to respond to the request.

If the information is complete, you and the Unit official will fill out the form. The entity will have 30 days to review and let you know if the documentation is complete, and up to 120 business days to give you a final response.

The resolution was issued by the Unit after having identified limitations in the prioritization model it used, due to the fact that there is a factual and legal impossibility to compensate all victims at the same time, although the Government has made an important effort in fiscal matters to attend, assist and repair the victims of the conflict.

How much is the compensation for forced displacement?

Forced displacement: Compensation will be distributed equally among the members of the family group victim of forced displacement included in the Single Registry of Victims. By virtue of Ruling SU-254 of 2013, there will be family nuclei that will receive 27 SMLMV and others that will receive 17 SMLMV.

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What does 40 Smlmv mean?

Victims of the conflict who also receive compensation

Enforced disappearance: 40 SMLMV, divided among the relatives of the disappeared victim. Kidnapping: 40 SMLMV, this is the money given directly to the person who has been released, not to the relatives.

When must the insurance company pay an indemnity to the insured?

In damage insurance, once the right of the insured and the amount of the indemnity have been established, the insurer must pay its obligation under the contract within sixty days thereafter.

How much is the compensation for forced displacement?

It is a measure of Integral Reparation delivered by the Colombian State as economic compensation for the victimizing events suffered, which seeks to help in the strengthening or reconstruction of the life project of the victims who access this measure.

The Victims Unit implemented a new procedure for the recognition and payment of the administrative compensation measure, as provided by the Constitutional Court in Auto 206 of 2017. Such procedure, is regulated in Resolution 1049 of 2019, and contemplates three (3) attention routes, namely:

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