What are the pre-action protocols?

What are the pre-action protocols?

Considerations for distance training feedback.

Agreement of February 25, 2010, of the Plenary of the General Council of the Judiciary, approving Regulation 2/2010, on general criteria for the standardization of the actions of the common procedural services.

Along these lines, the Organic Law of the Judiciary configures the new Judicial Office taking “unity” as a basic organizational element and distinguishing between direct support procedural units and common procedural services.

This reflects the dynamic nature that this Regulation intends to imprint on the future creation of common services, allowing their adaptation in a continuous task of homogenization.

By virtue of these provisions, the computer programs and applications approved by the General Council of the Judiciary, in application of the provisions of article 230.5 of the Organic Law of the Judiciary, are of obligatory, habitual and homogeneous use by the members of the Judicial Office. Their use shall be carried out under the superior direction of the corresponding Judicial Secretary, in accordance with the criteria and instructions for use dictated, within the scope of their respective competences, by the General Council of the Judiciary, the Secretary of Government and the Administrations competent in the provision of material means, which shall ensure the maintenance of an optimum level of security in the management of the information systems and infrastructures placed at the service of the Administration of Justice.


The White House announced that all international travelers entering the United States will be required to be vaccinated and this requirement will begin effective November 8, 2021. FDA approved or licensed vaccines and vaccines on the WHO emergency use list will be accepted for entry into the United States. More information is available here.

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Check icon Identify functions that can be performed remotely. Whenever possible, authorizing staff to perform remote work can be an effective social distancing strategy to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission.

check icon Prepare for staff absence. Employees should stay home if they are sick, or they may need to stay home to care for a sick family member or their children in the event of school and child care programs being suspended.

check icon Ensure that there is a sufficient stock of hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, PPE and medical supplies (based on the facility’s health care capabilities) on hand and available, with a plan to replenish them as needed.

How to DEVELOP ✏️ a biosafety protocol [LIVE].

Countries can elaborate common projects of diverse nature, expressing a simple political agreement without a binding nature or legal meaning; they could also elaborate projects involving action programs and administrative budgets where the initiatives of one country or another can harmonize.

On the other hand, they could elaborate initiatives that constitute commitments that bind the State and therefore have legal issues that involve the Governments, implying more formal procedures of a mandatory nature.

In international terms, “framework agreement” is defined as a type of instrument defined by its function, i.e. “a general agreement that can serve as a framework for subsequent agreements”. These framework agreements have a specific, particular meaning, which allows States to progress in their joint relationship in the future.

It is a bilateral or multilateral understanding between States, the purpose of which is to harmonize their respective interests. Called as: Convention, treaty or any other binding act by which two or more nations agree to abide by specific conditions in their commercial exchange, which usually includes mutually beneficial concessions.

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It includes action protocols, information on the reorganization of healthcare activities in centers and services, resources for teleconsultations and teleworking, information of interest to the workplace and related regulations.

The Ministry of Health has documentation on actions to be carried out in the framework of health care and epidemiological surveillance permanently updated on its page for professionals.

The successive versions will be sent to Andalusian professionals through the usual official channels, and will be published immediately on the website and networks of the Ministry of Health and Families and Andavac, as well as other training and dissemination materials, both for healthcare professionals and for the general public.

The measures established in the order of April 08, 2021 are applicable to residential centers for the elderly, people with disabilities, minors under guardianship, people in a situation of dependency and people with addiction and mental health problems, as well as day centers, occupational centers, early childhood care centers, centers for the active participation of the elderly, other social services centers and home help services.

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