Why is horse insurance so expensive?

Why is horse insurance so expensive?

How much does a horse cost in soles

I’m sure that the first time we budget in our lives how much the price of car insurance would cost us, we all get our hands up in our heads. I once wanted to insure a 450 euro car that was going to the scrapyard (in good condition) and I couldn’t get the insurance to go below twice the cost of the vehicle.

By fuel, diesel cars are more expensive to insure for a very simple reason: they are more expensive and therefore the policy covers a higher value. They have compared two vehicles, a 90 hp generalist compact car and a 177 hp premium car, both gasoline and diesel. From one power to the other there is a 200 euro difference in the case of experienced people and a 1,500 euro difference in the case of young people.

In terms of Autonomous Communities, the most expensive to drive are Galicia, Cantabria and Murcia, due to their accident rate. On the other hand, Extremadura and Aragón have the cheapest policies. The DGT statistics are used to draw up accident rate maps and raise prices where there are more accidents or of greater severity.

Cheap horsepower prices

The Nissan Micra, currently Nissan March, is a B-segment vehicle produced by the most important Japanese carmaker in the world since 1982. It is a compact five-seater, with four-cylinder inline four-cylinder transverse front-wheel drive engine.

The Nissan March’s engine is a four-cylinder, with 1.6L and 106 horsepower. While its tank has a capacity of 41 liters and a performance of 16.89 kilometers per liter in combined consumption.

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According to evaluations conducted by the site specializing in automotive safety, LatinNcap, the five-door hatchback model and two front airbags of the Nissan March obtained the following evaluation for its 2018 model:

How much does a baby horse cost

To have our animals properly maintained and correctly plan the costs that we will have to face we will review their daily needs and value them economically, so we will have fully controlled the costs of acquisition and maintenance of a horse.

As for the prices of each specimen, the truth is that the sums vary. It is a market, like most of them, that can fluctuate, but the starting price of a horse usually starts at 1,500 euros and its average price is around 4,000 euros. From there, prices can skyrocket to astronomical or fantasy figures, depending on various factors:

Some of the most crazy prices and that have had more echo in the press have been mainly racehorses. A discipline with a great tradition and in which a lot of money moves due to sports betting.

Obviously, if we are looking for a dressage horse and we want to acquire one with an outstanding track record, the price of the horse can shoot up a few thousand euros more. The same applies to any other sport category. If we want to compete with our future horse and we do not want to start from scratch, we will have to pay the proven value of the animal. Price in which, again, will have an important weight the age. Older horses do not perform as well, and tend to be used, if they have had an outstanding sporting life, as stallions.

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Price of a horse in Colombia

There are certain breeds of dogs that depending on the regions and the country are considered potentially dangerous breeds and for which the contracting of such insurance is mandatory by law. Outside this type of breeds, and in cats, it is not mandatory but highly recommended to hire the insurance as it can save you a lot of expenses and discomfort.

You also have the option of taking out a much more complete insurance for your dog or cat, similar to health insurance for humans. In addition to civil liability, they include other coverage such as veterinary assistance in case of illness or accident, medical expenses coverage in clinics, theft of the animal, etc.

Here in International Insurance Broker you will be able to contract your horse insurance with the widest coverage and at a very competitive price. We will be pleased to advise you so that you can contract the insurance that best suits your needs so that you do not pay too much.

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