Why is my CIS tax rebate taking so long?

Why is my CIS tax rebate taking so long?

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Consequently, it is appropriate for the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas to call for grants for the exploitation of the CIS Data Bank and for the completion of doctoral theses in political science or sociology, on subjects of interest to the Agency.

By virtue of the provisions of Law 38/2003, of 17 November, General Law on Subsidies, in Royal Decree 887/2006, of 21 July, which approves the Regulations of said Law and in Order PRE/1868/2010, of 5 July, modified by Order PRE/3008/2011, of 28 October, which approves the regulatory bases for the granting by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas of subsidies for training and research in matters of interest to the Body, this Presidency has resolved the call for training and research subsidies in the following terms:

The purpose of this Resolution is to call, on a competitive basis, and in accordance with the principles of objectivity and publicity, five grants for the exploitation of the CIS Data Bank, and two grants for the completion of doctoral theses in political science or sociology, in matters of interest to the Agency. Of the five grants for the exploitation of the CIS Data Bank, two will be for individual researchers and three for research teams.

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The CIS poll on the elections of the next 25-M in Andalusia has recovered the recurrent idea of a PSOE-IU government that would allow the socialists to keep the Junta despite losing between ten and twelve parliamentarians, staying in a range of 44-46.

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Diego Valderas, general coordinator of IU in Andalusia and whose formation would be the most benefited if this result were obtained, assured that the survey, of which he emphasized that it has greater guarantees and credibility than others because more Andalusians were consulted, draws a political scenario in which “the absolute majorities in Andalusia are going to pass to a better life”. The leader advanced that they aspire to achieve 10 percent of the votes.

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Yes, the Renting contract is always modifiable and adapts to your needs. As we agreed at the signing of the contract, we would apply 40% of the outstanding installments remaining from the date you want to make the early cancellation effective until the end date of your contract. Likewise, we would indicate you the procedure and the steps to follow for the return of the vehicle at an official dealer.

If the VW FS | Rent-a-Car dealer accepts, in exceptional circumstances, debit cards for rentals of less than 28 days, we will charge the deposit and reimburse it upon return of the vehicle. We do not accept cash deposits.

Yes, the rental contract is set with a full-full fuel policy, so you must return it with the fuel filled. Otherwise, we will charge you for the missing liters and the cost of the refueling service.

The rental cars always include a basic coverage consisting of a comprehensive insurance with an excess of 600 euros. During the booking and contracting process, you can extend this coverage and contract the 0 or 300 excess.

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To make such withdrawal, the co-owner can do it before the blocking of the accounts, but he/she is exposed to lawsuits with the possible heirs, so it is better to withdraw the part of the capital once the account is blocked and after proving his/her condition of co-ownership, for which he/she must contact the bank itself, which must recognize it. If this is not done, you can go to the Tax Agency to certify your co-ownership, which the bank will not be able to refuse.

This is not the case if a person was only “authorized” by the account holder, but not co-owner; the authorized person is the one who can carry out operations such as transfers or withdrawals, but is not the owner of the money. Once the account holder is deceased, the “authorized person” ceases to be an authorized person. If he/she transfers money from the account between the date of death and the blocking of accounts, he/she would be guilty of a crime. Theft if he/she is not an heir or tax evasion if he/she is an heir.

The problem may come from the monetary increases or decreases that the account has undergone since the death, but she has the right to know the evolutions of the account and to claim her half. In case the bank refuses, as it apparently does, she can appeal to the Tax Agency and if necessary claim her share from the heirs through the courts.

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