Are Kaplan degrees recognized?

Are Kaplan degrees recognized?

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The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) or Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a management model that allows organizations to have an overall, joint and interrelated vision of the different objectives of the company.

The BSC or BSC is based on various indicators that make it possible to link the company’s objectives with specific action plans. By means of indicators, the BSC can control and monitor both the company’s objectives and the different business areas.

The indicators used by this tool allow to have a look beyond the measurement of quantitative or tangible aspects, such as sales or profits. The BSC also assesses aspects such as customer satisfaction or employee welfare.

From this perspective, the company’s processes that are aimed at obtaining the expected performance within the programmed time are analyzed. Thus, this group of indicators includes those that are related to the quality of the process, such as productivity indicators, product quality, product costs, and manufacturing process efficiency.

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Nowadays, with globalization, for example, another role of education, in most of the countries of the world, is to see it as the beginning of a process, where the human being is engaged in increasing its value in the field that specializes, this is becoming a figure of interest to the world of work. In this way the academic portfolio, where certifications, degrees obtained in their studies would be their presentation and the credential that would determine their value, this is known as Human Capital. 4] Under this role the professional is adopting a language of competition, they begin to use a different vocabulary, due to the expansion in areas that were not economic as it was the Education.

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Afterwards, they are given a virtual test where the participants will have the opportunity to project their computer skills. “This is timed, we give them a paragraph and they (participants) write as much as they can in one minute, because we also take that into account, because students must write at least 20 words per minute,” said Dumas.

Finally, a test called Kaplan International Test is applied to them, which at the end results in the level of English that those interested in the course have. “In the test, at least, they have to get an English level of B1, because they go A1, A2, B1 and B2, then, what we want is to have students who are close to the level that the project asks us, which is B2”, specified the academic.

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To Universidad César Vallejo in the Postgraduate School, because thanks to this program we professionals can improve ourselves every day with a quality education according to the current economic possibilities.

To the students of the Computer and Informatics, Executive Secretarial and Accounting Specialties, because thanks to their support and time, this research work could be carried out.

I, Christian Paolo Martel Carranza, student of the Doctorate Program with mention in Education Administration of the Graduate School of the Universidad César Vallejo, identified with DNI N° 41905365, with the thesis entitled “Balanced Scorecard Management Model to improve the quality of customer service”.

4. The data presented in the results are real, have not been falsified, nor duplicated, nor copied and therefore the results presented in the thesis will constitute contributions to the investigated reality.

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In compliance with the rules of the Regulations for the preparation and submission of theses of the Faculty of Education, Graduate Section of the University “Cesar Vallejo”, to prepare the thesis of Doctorate in Education with a major in Educational Administration, I present the research work entitled: “Balanced Scorecard management model to improve customer service”.

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