How do I prove I own my house?

How do I prove I own my house?

Documents to prove ownership of land

– When the possessor is a mere possessor (for example, a lessee) he will not acquire ownership of the property by the passage of time and even if the requirements are met, since there is the awareness that he is possessing it on behalf of another.

My question is, could they claim ownership of the vehicle in order to sell it to me? In that case, who is the person who gives that authorization to assume the ownership of the vehicle? A judge, the police, traffic?

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Inheritance of a house without a deed

Is it your case? First of all, it is important that you keep calm because if you find yourself in a conflict situation, you can resolve the matter easily, counting on home insurance for rental homes.

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When a verbal contract is made, good faith prevails, so at the time of the agreement no one hides a tape recorder or brings witnesses that may be valid at the time of resolving a case judicially. However, sometimes frictions arise, which can become a real headache for both parties. What can happen in the event of a rental without a contract? Which of the parties can be more damaged? We tell you about it!

One of the biggest risks and more linked to the rent without contract is that the tenant who does not want to leave, despite having outstanding payments or not even having the consent of the tenant, for example.

The landlord, in case he has rented his property to a tenant without a contract who does not pay, who disturbs the neighbors repeatedly or for any other reason, may evict him in different ways, taking into account the causes of the eviction:

I have a piece of land without deeds

The phrase “my house is not mine because I do not appear in the deed” is a phrase that I hear with certain frequency, and before which I know that I have a little while ahead of me trying to reassure that person and to explain to him/her what is the community of property.

For one thing, I find it completely unbelievable that one of the spouses would carry out an act as important as the purchase of a property without discussing it and consulting his or her spouse, in fact I have not known of any case in which this would happen.

Being an old dog, makes me ask the second question, “Why didn’t you come to sign?”, being very surprising that the most common answer is that because I didn’t have time and that person was very busy (and more surprising is that this person is usually unemployed).

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I always explain to them that first of all a deed cannot be changed at the pleasure of the Notary, but that it is all the parties who have to authorize this “change”, that the “change” costs money, but it is not necessary to change anything.

How to prove that I am the owner of a property

The title deed of the property proves the legitimacy and capacity of both parties (the seller and the buyer) to be able to carry out this operation, preventing a third party from being able to allege this circumstance to invalidate it.

If at a certain moment we lose this document, the first step to obtain a copy of the lost deeds is to go to the Notary’s office. The same happens if the house belongs to a relative who has passed away and we do not know where he/she kept the deeds of the house.

This measure is part of the obligations of the notaries, and provides legal certainty to the owners of the properties, who can request a copy whenever they need it.

If you are wondering how to recover a lost deed, it is likely that the document is not only lost, but you also do not have basic data, such as the date of signature or the notary office where the document was signed.

Usually, you can request a copy of the deeds from any grantor of the deed. If the owner/s are deceased, it is necessary that you accredit a legitimate interest to initiate the proceedings, since the Notary’s office will always look after the interests and privacy of the owner. Therefore, in case of any doubt, some documents are required (death certificate, wills, filiations, etc.).

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