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These are people who do not make a living from this activity, who have their own jobs, but who have a deep love and passion for dog breeds. Each one usually specializes in a specific breed and breeds a few litters with which they do not even do business from an economic point of view.

Ethical breeders are also great scholars of dogs. They know perfectly the particularities of each breed in terms of character and morphology, so they are the best advisors for those who want to include a dog in their lives, doing an extremely important pedagogical work to eradicate the main scourge that the sector and the whole society is living with: the abandonments.

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With high amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals and the essential fatty acids known as omega-3, microalgae play a key nutritional role in shellfish larval culture. But they cost a lot to produce. Intensive farming of bivalves such as oysters, clams and scallops relies on live algae production, which is 30 percent of a hatchery’s operating costs.

“The cost price per kilogram of seaweed is too high because of the demand for labor, water and energy,” said Sander Hazewinkel, founder, co-owner and commercial director of Dutch firm LGem. “Currently it is around €300 to €900. If it can be reduced to €100 or more, depending on the amount of algae required, the larger your operation, the cheaper it will be to some extent.”

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“Air moving through the glass tubes removes oxygen and delivers carbon dioxide evenly over the entire tubular helix at 100 watts per 1,000 liters of culture, or one-tenth the power input of conventional tubular systems,” Hazewinkel said. “No centrifugal pumps are needed because moving air drives the entire system. This means we can also operate our system with only one air source and no moving parts. This is particularly interesting for aquaculture because it often produces fragile species such as Rhodomonas and Isochrysis. These work very well in GemTube.”

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He then expanded on the hatching of chicks on the same farm, as a system to ensure better welfare of the chicks, in view of the legislative project of the country to limit the usual transport time from the hatchery. In this regard, he referred to the Dutch X-Treck system – Vencomatic – and the Belgian-Dutch Nest Born, of the company of the same name, both designed to hatch chicks for meat on the same hatchery, after transporting the fertile eggs to the hatchery, after 18 days of incubation (*).

Beginning by recalling the strength of the area in intensive agriculture and livestock farming, the speaker referred to the existing limits to its growth, due to different considerations:

In this way she addressed various aspects of agricultural development in the area and its relationship with society, with the different aspects involved shown in the attached image, and including the results of a survey showing the following levels of consumer acceptance for the different farming systems:

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Ask for addresses of responsible breeders from people with dogs or canine associations. When searching the Internet, make sure that the breeder is registered with an association or at least an official breed club. Call the breeder and make an appointment to meet him/her in person. To decide whether it is worth the trip, you can already ask the first important questions over the phone. However, a phone call is no substitute for visiting the breeder, meeting the kennel and the puppies. You should definitely ask him the following twelve questions. Serious dog breeders will appreciate your interest and will gladly answer the following important questions in detail.

Breeding purebred dogs requires a lot of effort and commitment. A breeder probably could not put up with the strict requirements of the breed associations, the health examinations, the long hours at puppy shows and the sleepless nights for the whelping of the bitch if he or she did not have true passion for the breed. Sure, the breeder makes some money from the sale of his puppies, but given the amount of work he does it is easy to see that, above all, he does it out of love and for the preservation of the breed.

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