How much should I charge for a location fee?

How much should I charge for a location fee?

If I lend money, how much interest should I charge 2020

When buying on the Internet in foreign sites you will also have to pay the Customs Tariff (6%) and the Value Added Tax (VAT), resources that contribute to development and contribute significantly to safeguard the country’s budget that allows financing government programs for the benefit of all.

The Customs Tariff is paid on the CIF value of the merchandise, which corresponds to the sum of the value of your product in the country of origin, plus the cost of freight and insurance involved in its transportation to the destination point. VAT is paid on the CIF value and customs duty.

What is the percentage charged by a lender?

Within regulated entities, a personal loan can cost the client up to 83% annual interest, according to figures from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

How to calculate the monthly payment?

To calculate the monthly payment of a loan, we must subtract the proportion of interest to 1 and then divide the result by the periodic interest. In this way we obtain the monthly amount to be paid.

How do I know if I should contribute?

Once on the Internal Revenue Service website, click on “pay contributions”. Select the region, commune, enter the role number and click on “search”. Click on “pay”. Select the payment method, whether it will be charged to your credit card or bank account, and follow the instructions.

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How much interest is charged for every $2,000

Also included in interest are the amounts paid by the borrower for services directly related to the loan, such as administration costs, loan analysis, stationery, membership fees, etc.

Interest corresponds to the rent paid for the use of the capital during a determined period. Likewise, in accordance with the provisions of Article 68 of Law 45 of 1990, the sums that the creditor receives from the debtor without consideration other than the credit granted, even when they are justified as fees, commissions or other similar items, will also be considered as interest.

Insurance contracted to protect the assets of debtors or their beneficiaries will not be considered as interest. Likewise, VAT charges, whether derived from the collection of interest or from insurance contracted, shall not be considered as interest either.

No. The debtor may prepay the outstanding balance of its credit, therefore no penalty clauses or penalties for prepayment may be established, nor may interest payments be required during the remaining period.

What happens if I don’t pay a lender?

Sometimes creditors must go to court to collect on a defaulted loan. If you have not been paid the money you are owed, then you should consult with a collection attorney in your state to discuss your options.

What is the formula for the payment function?


The Rate argument is the interest rate per loan period. For example, in this formula the annual interest rate of 17% is divided by 12, the number of months in a year. The NPER argument of 2*12 is the total number of payment periods for the loan.

How are house contributions calculated?

Thus, the calculation of the net contribution follows the following rule: If the property has a tax appraisal less than the rate change amount: Net contribution=(tax appraisal – exempt appraisal)* 0.933%.

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If I lend money, how much interest should I charge 2020 in Mexico?

If you do not reside in that country, you do not need to calculate and send the discriminated VAT for purchases made by customers in that location. If you were previously in charge of this process, you will no longer have to do it.

If you are located outside of Colombia and offer paid applications or direct in-app purchases to customers in that country, you will still be responsible for collecting, remitting and reporting the applicable VAT to the Colombian tax authorities.

If you offer paid apps or direct in-app purchases to customers in Japan, as of October 1, 2015, a change in the Japanese Consumption Tax (JCT) law will affect your tax obligations there. If you have specific questions about tax obligations in Japan, please consult your tax advisor.

If you are located outside Japan and offer paid apps or direct in-app purchases in Japan, you are responsible for applying, remitting and reporting any JCT taxes to the National Tax Agency of Japan.

Which properties pay taxes in Chile?

Also known as land tax, property taxes are taxes payable by owners of real estate, which may be agricultural, such as farmland, or non-agricultural, such as houses, apartments, parking lots and warehouses.

Who is exempt from paying taxes?

Description: Within the framework of the Tax Modernization Law, seniors are exempted from paying real estate contributions if their income is equivalent to about $669 thousand per month and reduce the contributions by 50% if the income is close to $1.5 million per month.

How to view a property with the RUT?

Enter the website, Online Services, Appraisals and Real Estate Contributions, Consultation of Appraisals and Certificates, option Consultation of a property associated to a RUT. Once you enter the option, identify yourself with your RUT and password.

How much interest is charged on a loan in mexico

In general, the local sales tax is based on the location of the seller’s place of business. Local use tax is based on the location of the place where the customer receives the item. If you ship or deliver goods to your customers, you may have to collect local sales tax, local use tax, or both.

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In general, you must collect local sales tax at your place of business where the sale is “consumed” or “made.” You must also collect the additional local use tax due if you ship or deliver items to an address in another local tax jurisdiction with a higher local sales and use tax rate.

Each taxing entity has its own limits. Different types of taxing entities may cross or share boundaries. The combined local sales tax rate cannot be more than 2 percent.

Example: A business located within the urban perimeter of Corpus Christi is within the boundaries of three types of local taxing jurisdictions: the City of Corpus Christi, the Corpus Christi Crime Control and Prevention District, and the Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority. The total local sales tax rate that could be imposed on the business location is 2 percent.

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