Who is the youngest person to finish Kumon?

Who is the youngest person to finish Kumon?

The Kumon Method: Self-education and children’s potential

At the beginning of the school year, I took him to the speech therapist with the idea of working on his rotacism, although I also told them what was going on at school. First of all, his speech therapist told me that the rotacism was due to the fact that his frenulum was too short to bring the tongue to the point of articulation, something that neither the pediatrician nor the school speech therapist had discovered and they suggested to me to make an evaluation to check if there was any learning difficulty, besides it was the first time I heard about dyslexia.

Anyway, the lack of knowledge makes you waste your time and the same thing happened when they told me that in the tests they had given him, my son showed a level well below his age group, that there was possibly a developmental dyslexia and that it would be appropriate to carry out an intervention to see if it was only a reading delay or something more permanent.

It was then that my son started treatment with his speech therapist, in a few months we observed that he started to read better, that he did not make as many mistakes in reading or writing and, above all, that he was more motivated to learn, he no longer felt “stupid” or “incapable”.

How good is the Kumon Method?

With the Kumon Method, students begin studying at a comfortable starting point that is appropriate for each student’s ability level, regardless of age or grade level. With the Kumon Method, students learn by solving worksheets independently, without being taught.

What is the price of Kumon?

Fees. The registration fee for Kumon is $500.00. The payment is a one-time fee as long as the student is not absent for more than one month per year. Monthly tuition at the Kumon Newton Center is $1,400.00 per subject.

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How to develop autodidacticism?

Through personalized didactic material that includes, among other things, booklets of the different levels, it manages to develop self-learning and to extract the potential that the children possess.

How to Improve Spelling Errors in Elementary School with This

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Jamie’s mom became a Kumon instructor. Now she says, When parents ask me if Kumon really works, I always say, “Yes, absolutely,” and I tell them I have the proof. Then I tell them the story of my son Jamie. He is proof number one for me. If you are interested in hearing more, there are many parents here with similar stories, some even more dramatic. But I always start with my own son because that’s what connected me to Kumon.middle school, a turning point in student life. Last spring, Jamie graduated from high school and now attends Loyola University in New Orleans. It would have been difficult for us to send him to such a good college out of state, yet once again his academic achievements paid off, he was awarded a merit scholarship. Truly, Kumon made a huge difference for my son.

No matter what the circumstances, money, social background, race, language or any other factor, parents say over and over again: Kumon works. Parents of children with disabilities, parents of children with special educational needs, Down syndrome, autism, etc., all tell me the same thing: we are seeing changes in our children that we never thought possible. I put it this way: Kumon helps transform ordinary parents into believers, people who embrace the fact that their children have more potential for success than they ever imagined. One happy mother from St. Louis put it best: “Kumon is truly amazing. When I look at my son today, I think he is a miracle. “15

What is the recommended age for the Kumon method?

At what age do children learn to read with Kumon? From the age of 2, after assessment by Kumon center counselors, children are ready to start reading with the initial levels of Kumon Reading.

How does the Kumon program work?

Kumon is a personalized learning method that allows each student to study at the level that is most appropriate for them, regardless of their age or grade level. … Continuous study at the most appropriate level allows students to advance at their own pace and master concepts beyond their school level.

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What services does Kumon offer?

Kumon is a structured and proven self-study program that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new material independently. The key to Kumon programs is individualized instruction, carefully planned by an instructor.


However, it is a fact that not all people have the same types of intelligence or learning capacity; this situation has led to the implementation in most schools of failing systems, subject resource systems, special courses and other measures to achieve homologation in each classroom. One of the most effective systems emerged in Japan during the 1950s, under the name of Kumon.

As time went by, the young man’s remarkable results encouraged other parents to seek Toru’s support. Gradually the method gained popularity, and thanks to its success, in 1956 it was officially launched in the city of Osaka, with the same dynamics.

Such exercises should be developed according to the student’s own speed, i.e., there is no deadline to deliver them because the goal is to learn each operation gradually and correctly. The worksheets are usually completed in an average time of 20 minutes to an hour, although the range may vary depending on each person.

What is the Smartick method?

The Smartick method is a unique online learning system that, based on mathematics and with only 15 minutes a day, increases mental agility, calculation capacity and strengthens children’s concentration and study habits.

What is mathematics for children?

Mathematics is fundamental for the intellectual development of children, it helps them to be logical, to reason in an orderly fashion and to have a mind prepared for thought, criticism and abstraction. … However, the majority opinion is that mathematics plays an important role in society.

How does collaborative learning take place?

Collaborative learning is a didactic technique that promotes student-centered learning based on small group work, where students with different levels of ability use a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a subject.


Well, I had two children in Kumon and I no longer take either of them. They started with a lot of desire but the repetitive, monotonous and outdated work with what they were doing at school forced me to take out first one and then the other. Goodbye to excursions with the notebook on my back to do it in any cafeteria, goodbye to the visit to the center and the time lost in travel and goodbye to that fixed monthly expense. Now, when they need to reinforce something they have learned at school I print out a few worksheets from the page you have recommended matematicasgratis.com and they do great.

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As far as I can see, the Kumon method is nothing more than a reinforcement in mathematics (because although Lenga is mentioned, it is also left in the background) based on repetition and more repetition of exercises that are done daily in class, especially mental arithmetic. I, as a teacher, think that parents should not only take care of their children if they go to a Kumon academy, they are responsible for imposing study habits such as for X time (depending on age) to sit and review what they learned during the day and to reinforce their shortcomings with alternative exercises which can be sumnistrados free and guided by their school teachers. I see this method more to “educate parents to be attentive to their children” since the exercises I have seen of this method are archaic and not innovative or motivating at all.

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