Why do landlords have to register?

Land Registry Spain

Thanks to the inscription of a property in the Land Registry we are officially recognized as owners. We can dispose of our right, selling or mortgaging, and anyone who has interest in buying a house or to constitute on it a right, will be able to have at his disposal all the necessary information to be able to decide in equal conditions and without surprises. In addition, by registering we have the security that nobody will be able to deprive us of our right or to dispose of it fraudulently.

The objective of the Land Registry is to give publicity of the registered acts and consequently legal security to the property and future acquirers of the real estate, since registering them, those who consult it are informed about the domain and other real rights or charges that weigh on the same ones, minimizing risks of eventual claims.

By registering in the Real Estate Registry all acts affecting the ownership or real rights over real estate, it provides total security and legal priority to the rights registered therein, which in turn guarantees total security in real estate transactions, which is the main objective or purpose of the Real Estate Registry, and the reason for its existence.

Who must register a rental agreement with AFIP?

Individuals, undivided estates and legal entities, regardless of the form they adopt, that assume the character of lessors, lessors, sublessors or sublessors, in the contracts entered into, are obliged to make the registration.

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Who must register a rental agreement?

Those who are obliged to register are the lessors, lessors, sublessors and sublessors. If there are intermediaries (brokers, real estate agents, notaries) who represent them, they may register a contract on behalf of their clients, but they are not obliged to do so.

What happens if I do not declare a rent in AFIP?

Failure to comply with the deadline will result in a fine ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. To do so, the AFIF will have to file a claim where “it may initiate a summary proceeding to apply a fine ranging from $ 500 to $ 45,000 as provided in the article added after art.

What happens if I do not register the rental contract

To carry out the registration of registrations and/or change of ownership of motor vehicles and trailers, in the State Registry of Vehicle Control; so that the Taxpayers that reside in the State of Coahuila de Zaragoza, comply with the fiscal obligations established in the matter of vehicle control.

6.        CURP Code (Only applies to natural person)It can be consulted in the following link: https://consultas.curp.gob.mx/CurpSP/ (do not scan, this data is only necessary to avoid errors in the capture of the registry and/or to corroborate the survival).

Government Sector (Vehicles owned by the Government of the State of Coahuila de Zaragoza) – You must present a signed document from the General Coordination of Patrimony requesting the registration of the vehicle(s).

– Payment Forms with ticket. – They will be accepted as long as the payment is validated in the corresponding authorized page, the line of capture field, if the page does not have the option to “check line of capture”, the submitted payment form will not be accepted.

What happens if a Property is not registered?

If the deed of sale is not registered, the certificate of freedom and tradition will appear as if the property had not been sold, i.e., the seller still owns the property and therefore it is possible that he can sell it twice, and when the first buyer goes to register his deed, he can …

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How to upload the rental contract to AFIP?

How is the rental data reported? You must inform the rental data through the service with tax code SiRADIG-Worker and attach, only once, the contract in PDF format, clarifying the years covered. They must also upload the payment receipts for each month.

How do I know if my rental contract is registered with AFIP?

How are contracts reported? All contracts must be reported digitally by entering the service “Registro de Locaciones de Inmuebles – RELI – CONTRIBUTOR” at afip.gob.ar with the Tax Code.

Property Registration

Dear user, we inform you that temporarily the following registry offices are not enabled for the generation of certificates of tradition and freedom online, we hope to restore their services as soon as possible.


– The user must have an email account for registration on the platform, which will be sent a copy of the Certificate of Tradition, however by configurations of mail providers the document could reach the spam folder so it should be verified.

– Successful bank transactions in favor of the Superintendence of Notaries and Registry will be assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN), with which the Certificate can be obtained.

– If there are failures during the PIN acquisition process or during the generation of the certificate, the user may go to his account history and review the status of his request. The Superintendence of Notaries and Registry has a period of 24 business hours to generate and deliver the certificate in PDF file from your purchase request on the platform.

Where to register a rental agreement?

The procedure is similar to that of any other public deed: a notary will certify the agreement and will verify that there is no illegality in it. That official document is the one that is registered in the Land Registry.

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How much does it cost to register a lease?

The registration in the registry of a lease will cost 36 euros for a duration of one year, extendable to three, with 1,000 euros of rent. In addition, the parties must first go to the notary’s office to legitimize their signatures, which will have a fee of nine euros.

What happens if the landlord does not register the lease?

If the contract is not registered, the lessor or lessee will not be able to invoke before the AFIP the contract entered into with the intermediary as a cause to be exempted from liability for the lack of registration.

Simple property registration note

In the case of gasoline, diesel and/or carburation service stations, they must present the evaluation of the Environmental Impact Statement or respective risk study, civil protection report and urban compatibility study, all with a positive resolution.

In person: Go to the Dirección de Desarrollo Urbano y Ordenamiento Territorial, located in the Administrative Building on Boulevard Paseo de los Conspiradores, No. 130, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Zip Code 37748. With a schedule of attention: 08:00 to 14:30 hours from Monday to Friday. Note: Information valid during 2021.

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