Why is lancing a village?

Why is lancing a village?

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But there is a little known area, which can offer places like this. La Mamola, Castell de Ferro, Calahonda, Melicena … and many other places that have beaches where you can escape from the excessive bustle of other places.

This enclave of El Lance, is one of the quietest beaches of this coast, come at sunset, near sunset, and enjoy an experience that is very difficult to find. If you are lucky you may even feel as if you were on a deserted beach.

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Lance Armstrong is trying to rise from the ashes. Reviled by much of the American people – Lance is known in the United States as the great liar – the former seven-time Tours champion, and once considered the greatest cyclist of all time, wants to make a radical turnaround in his life. He is not looking to clean up his image, he just wants to leave behind what he calls “the worst nightmare of my life”.

Lance’s new occupation has nothing to do with cycling or sport. He has swapped the bike for the microphone. Now, Armstrong conducts interviews with celebrities. He is the interviewer, he sets the stage -his house in Austin or Aspen-, he is the one who chooses the interviewee?

The program has been on for 24 installments and has featured people like Bill Burr, Chris Evert, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ricky Williams or Mack Brown. The chosen setting is usually either his home in Aspen or in Austin. Rappers, politicians, athletes, actors… The profiles that can attend as guests to a Lance’s program are very varied. But the protagonist always ends up being the same: Lance Armstrong.

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Lance meaning

Tarifa is one of the places where you can experience the most spectacular sunsets, it is an almost mystical experience that unites you to Mother Earth in a very special way, the island of Las Palomas is the point where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean converge, an essential place to visit.

The natural environment of the beach is very deteriorated by the human presence, in spite of being protected inside the natural place beach of the Lances and inside the Natural Park of the Strait. The natural values of the beach are inferior to others in the area mainly because the dune system present is very degraded by the continuous transit of people and the use as a parking lot of much of the secondary dunes.

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The career of the man who once won seven Tour de France, until in 2013 the International Cycling Union enforced his lifetime ban and annulled his palmares since 1998, has been marked by that confession of doping since he admitted he had consumed banned substances. Until then, his example of overcoming his testicular cancer and the way he competed and gave an unparalleled show stole the limelight.

His retirement in 2005, after the seventh Tour, was a step aside when some thought he could continue making history. However, the doubts about his career and some statements that set fire to these rumors were encouraged at that time, so that, and for his competitive gene, in 2008 he decided to return to racing the following season with ‘La Grande Boucle’ as the main objective with Astana, the team led by Johan Bruyneel and where Alberto Contador was riding.

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Now, the points of interest of this town in the south of Palencia are this tribute to cycling with the same bicycle and the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II on loan from the Air Force, in honor of the brothers César and Augusto Martín Campos, who fought in the Civil War, each on one side.

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