Do I need a building regulation completion certificate?

Do I need a building regulation completion certificate?

It is possible to deed without having the end of construction

When a construction reaches its final stage, it is necessary to notify the corresponding authorities of this fact and it is there where the certificate of end of work enters; in this entry we are going to explain what it is and how to request this document.

The certificate of completion is the document that certifies that the works for which a building permit was requested have been completed. It is essential that the document is signed by the work director (usually an architect) and by the work execution director (usually a technical architect).

In the event that the work carried out is not a building, the certificate of completion can be signed by an engineer or technical engineer, as well as by an architect or technical architect. In the case of the engineers, these will assume the positions of director of the work and director of execution of the work, and the visa will be of their professional association.

As you can see, the document itself warns us that the certificate is not valid without the corresponding visas, these elements are as important as the signatures of the director of the execution of the work as well as the director of the work.

What does a final construction certificate look like?

The final work certificate is a document that certifies that the works for which a building permit has been requested have been completed. This document must be signed by the construction manager and the construction execution manager.

When is a final construction certificate required?

When you finish the work of reform in your home or office you can request a certificate of completion. This document is issued to certify in a reliable way that the work has been completed and guarantees it. Generally this document serves to give free way so that a certain building can be inhabited.

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Who writes the final construction certificate?

Who writes it and how is it processed? The final work certificates are the responsibility of the project management, that is to say, of the project manager, normally an architect, and of the project execution manager, normally a technical architect.

Affidavit of Completion

So, in case you have ever wondered how can I get this certificate? What do I need for it? What is the process like? Well, you are in the right article! Since we will talk about this document and everything you are going to need.

In order to obtain the Certificate of Work, you just have to go through a fairly simple process and comply with all the requirements and regulations that are established by the entities in charge of this process.

The responsibility that a person must have in order to obtain this document is the basis for the process to go well. Due to the fact that everything that is assumed when carrying out the work and the pertinent data requested by this document must be written.

The validation of certificates of correspondence by the directors of the work, because each director has a certificate of habitability, which is the identification document to be able to issue this certificate.

These are the most frequent questions that the users ask themselves at the moment of making the process to obtain the Final Certificate of Work, to avoid the misunderstandings on this document, we have taken charge of answering them and this way to achieve that the user feels confident of the procedure that is being made.

How much does a completion certificate cost?

How much does the completion certificate cost? Actually, the completion certificate document does not cost anything in itself, but the general direction of the work as a whole, the visas of the corresponding colleges and the ten-year civil liability assumed by the professionals for the work.

When does a project end?

a work is finished when it is ready to be occupied immediately and without the need for any additional work …”. From the foregoing, it follows that a work must only be understood as completed when it is ready to be delivered.

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Who should sign the building’s book?

The Building Book is not a work included in the functions of the construction management. It is the promoter who has the legal obligation to draw it up and sign it for its subsequent delivery to the end users of the building.

Construction completion certificate builder

The final construction certificate is a document that certifies that the works for which a building permit has been requested have been completed. This document must be signed by the construction manager and the construction execution manager. Usually, in building works, the construction manager is an architect and the construction execution manager is a technical architect.

In any case, this final work certificate must be signed by the technicians who have been part of the project management, since this certificate is not an independent document but belongs to the work of project management and project execution management respectively. This document must be endorsed by the corresponding professional associations, namely the architects’ association and the technical architects’ association.

In some cases, some municipalities require that when the construction manager is a senior engineer, the construction manager must be a technical engineer, in order to be on an equal footing with architects and technical architects. In case of doubt, the best thing to do is to contact the town planning service of the corresponding town hall to ask who are the competent technicians to compose the project management in each specific case.

What is the performance of an architect?

An architect is in charge of projecting, designing, directing the construction and maintenance of spaces, buildings, cities and structures, in order to satisfy different needs through the incorporation of technical, artistic and social studies.

Who certifies a work?

That is to say, the CFO serves to certify that the work for which the building permit was requested has been completed. For building works, the CFO is one of the last steps to request the certificate of habitability and first occupancy to the city council.

What is a civil works certificate?

The final certification or work completion certification is that document which indicates that the work complies with the due verification that demonstrates compliance with the contractual object and is issued by the Comptroller, which in turn is a legal figure created for the purpose of inspecting and monitoring that the execution of the work has been completed.

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Completion of building work

Within the construction process of a building, the first notarial document that is granted is the declaration of new construction.    In buildings that take the form of horizontal property, the deed of horizontal division is also granted. This is usually executed when the building is under construction. When it has been completed, the documentary proof of this fact is the object of the final deed of construction (hereinafter, AFO).

The TR of the Land Law indicates which are the requirements to be recorded in the Land Registry that the work is completed. These are recorded in the so-called Acta Final de Obra (hereinafter, AFO).

With regard to providing the geo-referenced coordinates (geo-referenced plan and coordinates). This obligation arises from the reform that promotes coordination between the Cadastre and the Registry. Mortgage legislation (arts. 9, 10, 198, 199, 201 and 202 LH) and Real Estate Cadastre legislation (art. 18 LH).

The mortgage law requires that the portion of land occupied by any building be recorded in the new construction (…) must be identified by means of its geographic reference coordinates (art. 202 LH).    For this reason, the final building completion report contains the UTM coordinates. With these coordinates the perimeter that the building occupies within the registered property is obtained.

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