Is concrete a good noise barrier?

Is concrete a good noise barrier?

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It is a system of wooden boards built from mdf boards, and whose structure resembles a multiperforated resonator that achieves a better response in low medium frequencies.

They are melamine foam boards made of class I material, which is the most advanced technology and internationally recognized for its high level of safety. They have excellent fire resistance (RE2 and IRAM 11910-3) and do not release toxic gases. They are especially indicated for places where there is a high concentration of people or where special safety conditions are required.

Their main function is to dissipate the waves that remain confined inside the cavity formed by the gypsum board partition and the wall. If these waves are not controlled, they remain reflected trapped inside the cavity. This phenomenon produces vibrations in the gypsum board, which emit sounds into the room.

Fonac Composite is composed of a sound absorbing layer of flexible Polyester Polyurethane foam with a smooth or shaped finish, a high density vinyl insulation barrier and a third thin layer of flexible foam to decouple the transmission of vibration noise.

Thermal Insulation – Ventilated Flooring

Depending on the source of the sound and the severity of the sound, one type of barrier or another may be used. The objective is always the same: to mitigate noise pollution. The material used depends on the purpose of the barrier. The most common materials are steel, fiberglass, concrete, wood and bricks. But of course, not all of these materials are effective.

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At the same time, it is important to point out that several studies affirm that concrete walls lined with vegetation can reduce noise pollution by up to 50%, while their noise absorption capacity reaches 20%. This is important since concrete itself serves to isolate sound but does not favor sound absorption.

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They are installed between the source of noise, generated by the transport infrastructure, and the receiver, which is the adjacent areas. They work by reflecting the noise back to the road infrastructure or by absorbing part of the sound if these devices are made of materials that make it possible to use this noise control mechanism, as shown in the figure:

The concrete screens consist of a reinforced concrete structure several centimeters thick covered by two layers of mineralized wood conglomerate and cement. At its ends there is a solid concrete band that allows it to fit into any steel beam with standard profiles.

Barriers made from metallic structures that house in their framework elements that allow the development of plant species: recycled materials, carpet waste, paper waste, fibrous materials, garden waste, gravel, etc. Likewise, the base of these screens is conditioned to allow plant growth.

IMPACTODAN “Impact sound insulation”.

When a sound wave with an energy (Ei) strikes the surface of a material, a portion of its energy will be specularly reflected (Er), another portion of energy will be ‘absorbed’ by the material (Ea) and finally another portion of the energy will be transmitted through the material (Et).

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As we observe in the following balance, when we increase the absorbing capacity (pj we double it), we only reduce the amount of energy reflected, the amount of energy transmitted remaining practically unchanged.

For both families this is a very generic description; in practice, within each of them, there are different subclasses, and in some of them materials are even used, with very specific characteristics, which basically belong to the opposite family.

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