What is bitumen roofing?

What is bitumen roofing?

How to soften the bitumen for cake

Therefore, when choosing roofing sheets for waterproofing, in addition to values related to watertightness, other characteristics and features that ensure the quality and durability of these sheets should be taken into account, such as flexibility at low temperatures (bendability), durability – resistance to creep at high temperatures, tensile properties, impact resistance, fire performance (B roof t1), etc.

In case of using sheets that do not comply with all these values established by current regulations, low durability effects of the sheets may occur, with the corresponding consequences of dampness pathologies in the waterproofing system where these sheets have been applied.

How to make homemade bitumen

It improves in the systems the characteristics of the membrane that is formed by the main sheet providing a great dimensional stability, especially if the main sheet is reinforced with PE Polyethylene (polyolefins) PE or Polyester Felt (FP).

It is applied as a complementary sheet in improved single-layer walkable or non-walkable systems with heavy protection made with a main sheet equal to or greater than 4 kgs of the MORTERPLAS or MORTERPLAS SBS (LBM) range.

As complementary sheets in landscaped roofing systems made with a MORTERPLAS GARDEN MIN main sheet or a two-ply membrane composed of LBM sheets whose top sheet has MORTERPLAS FP 4kg GARDEN anti-root protection.

As a complementary reinforcement sheet to a single or double layer solution in specific areas of the roof, such as passageways, access to machinery areas, etc. Waterproofing of foundations, basements, etc. complementing the membranes made with LBM type sheets.

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Firm pastel bitumen

Claude Félix Abel Niépce de St Victor (1805-1870) was Nicéphore Niépce’s second cousin. He is one of the most important names in the history of photography for having developed the first photographic process on glass, while previous processes, such as the calotype, produced the intermediate negative on paper.

Such a thinness of varnish does not allow to reproduce a wide range of tones as was the case in Nicéphore Niépce’s process. In the process described here, the absence of tone reproduction through the variable thickness of the varnish is not a problem. Indeed, it is photoengraving and the reproduction of gradations of tones is restored by a variation of density of grains that can all have the same thickness of varnish.

Let us cite for example the portrait of Empress Eugenie, that of Napoleon III, that of Niépce himself from St Victor, or one of the zoological plates printed in 1853 in the book of zoological photography by Rousseau and Devéria.

Types of cake bitumen

Weight is no longer a factor when choosing a pebbles. Today 95% of shingles are made of matte fiberglass. Fiberglass is much better at resisting the elements. These tough fibers form the base material to form a stronger, lighter and thinner product.

The quality of asphalt shingles is directly proportional to its weight per square (100 square feet). Heavier shingles (up to 350 pounds per square) generally last longer than lighter shingles (200 pounds per square).

The dead load for normal shingles or wood shake roofing is about 15 pounds per square foot, while it is closer to 27 pounds per square foot for a stronger material such as a clay tile or metal roof.

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Install drip edge roofing along the eaves, add underlayment, then attach drip edge along the gable. The best way is to install the drip edge roof only along the eaves first, then place an ice and water barrier (in the snow belt) or felt paper (underlayment) over the drip edge.

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