What is the largest double glazed unit?

What is the largest double glazed unit?

Climalit glass

Windows25 Jan. 2019In this article we will tell you about the advantages of double glazed windows, especially when they are configured with 16 mm camera, which guarantee the comfort you deserve in your home, despite the noise from outside and the inclement cold or heat.

This form of double glazing is also called insulating glass unit due to the ability to trap air between the exterior and interior glass, which helps reduce heat and noise transmissions.

Double and triple glazing are expected to continue to increase in popularity, followed by energy efficiency incentives and other products available on the market. With today’s wide variety of options, not only does double glazing improve your home with the 16mm glass chamber, but it also reduces your carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions at the same time.

Glazing 4 4

Glass gives more energy than it takes! The energy savings from a double glazing unit (compared to a monolithic unit) is 128 times higher than the energy required to manufacture a double glazing unit. A key point to limit energy consumption and fight against the greenhouse effect.

Thermal insulation has now become a conditioning factor when it comes to reducing bills in any home. In the case of SGG CLIMALIT® thermal insulation glass composed of two or more panes, with a magnetron layer, and separated from each other by a sealed chamber, insulation can be up to 3 times greater, thus saving on home air conditioning.

PLANITHERM® XN assembled in high-performance SGG CLIMALIT PLUS® double glazing offers up to three times more insulation than a SGG CLIMALIT® insulating glass unit with SGG PLANICLEAR® clear glass.

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PLANITHERM® 4S.  In order to provide an effective response to the comfort needs of Mediterranean countries, Saint Gobain Glass has reinvented the SGG PLANITHERM 4S magnetronic coating and, using the most exclusive technology, we have achieved a new generation of glass with an excellent level of thermal insulation for cold seasons (U = 1.0W/m2 K) and optimized solar protection for sunny seasons (g=0.42). SGG PLANITHERM 4S is a selective glass that allows light to pass through but blocks heat, preventing overheating.  SGG PLANITHERM 4S keeps our home bright and at a comfortable temperature.  SGG PLANITHERM 4S offers excellent performance from an aesthetic point of view, as its slight neutral reflection gives it style and creates a pleasant atmosphere.  The “tempered” version SGG PLANITHERM 4S II is available with the same energy and aesthetic performance as the non-tempered version.

Window glass sizes

Glass is now more environmentally responsible than ever before thanks to Cradle to Cradle certification. We offer the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of glass products certified by the Cradle to Cradle Institute.

Do you want 9 m, 12 m, 16 m or more glass? While glass was once limited to the conventional 6 m x 3.21 m (20 ft x 10 ft) size, today records are continually being broken in terms of length. There is a great international demand for high-profile projects that seek to offer wide panoramic views without the slightest interruption.

Double glazing glass features

SGG CLIMALIT PLUS® is the SGG CLIMALIT® insulating glass unit incorporating Saint-Gobain BUILDING GLASS magnetron-coated glasses, which give the glazing excellent thermal and/or solar control properties.

SGG CLIMALIT PLUS® double glazing is composed of two or more panes, at least one of which has a magnetron layer, separated from each other by an aluminum spacer profile. Between the panes of glass is a dry, airtight air gap.

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The most likely scenario foresees a significant increase in the number of air-conditioned buildings in Europe. And, in all possible scenarios, the appropriate use of solar control glass accounts for between 5% and 25% of the energy efficiency targets for buildings set by European policy makers for 2020.

By incorporating glass from the SGG PLANITHERM 4S and SGG PLANITHERM XN range, you can improve the insulating power of your basic double glazing (4/6/4) by up to 40% and reduce heating costs in winter.

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