Where do you put stairs in a loft conversion?

Mezzanine staircase

The balustrade protects the stairwell and facilitates the descent. It is installed directly on the floor using the mounting brackets. The balustrade size fits the largest staircase size – 86×140 cm and can be mounted on all sizes.

The LXL Invisible trim allows for a discreet and concealed installation of the retractable stairs in the ceiling. Thanks to the use of the molding, the stairwell is concealed. There is no need to install flashings to conceal the gaps, and the stairwell is hidden in the ceiling. The use of a discreet mounting system allows for an aesthetic and minimalist finish.

The hatch opening mechanism facilitates the opening and closing of the staircase, increasing the comfort and safety of use of retractable staircases. Available for 3-section staircases. The installation of the LXM mechanism is possible on the right or left side of the staircase, on the opposite side to the metal handrail LXH.

The additional frame made of pine wood perfectly complements the staircase box installed on the ceiling, and at the same time it allows for an aesthetic finish of the opening. The standard height of the additional frame is 10 cm and the maximum non-standard height is 16 cm for the LDK ladder or 20 cm for other models.

How to know where to place a staircase in a house?

It is best to place it on one side of the space, freeing the other side for natural passage. In any case, placing the staircase in this space is the best way to optimize the foyer while allowing access to the most private area of the house without having to go through the social area.

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How much space is used to put a staircase?

The free height of the staircase: it must be continuous and not less than 2 meters from the stair tread. Measurement of the staircase vestibule: before the start and at the end of the staircase there must be a free space between 60 and 80 cm minimum, for the width of the staircase.

Which ladder takes up the least space?

The staircase that takes up less space is the spiral staircase, since it develops from a central axis, and the steps, in the area closest to the center, are smaller. Therefore, this type of staircase takes up less space. They usually occupy an area of about 2 square meters.

Folding roof ladders

The ladders are folded in several sections that are collected in the crate. They usually have 3 or 4 sections depending on the height between the upper and lower floor. They are made of high resistance wood or metal.

They are also folding stairs with the difference that the lower section is longer and slides into the stairwell thus eliminating the distance needed to open it and the need for space for folding (when folded it is hidden on the ceiling). They are also manufactured in high strength wood or metal.

The box is fitted into the edge of the slab that separates the lower space from the upper space and is where the stairs will be housed when folded. It can be made of wood, metal or a combination of a wooden box with a metal frame.

It is inserted into the opening and its perimeter is sealed by a gasket. It contains all the elements of the stairs: anchors to the slab, brackets that give rigidity to the box, hinges, the trap door, an opening mechanism that prevents the return,…

How many steps should a house staircase have?

Ideally, a staircase should have no more than 15 steps in a row. It is recommended that a landing be at least as long as 3 treads.

How many steps does a ladder have to climb 10 feet?

We calculate the number of rungs: 3 meters = 300 cm; then 300/18= 16.6. You must always round up so the number of risers will be 17.

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How long is the tread of a step?

In this sense, the height measurement of a step or riser in the case of private use is 20 cm. maximum, although as we have already mentioned, in these cases there are not so many restrictions, it is also important to indicate that the footprint must be at least 22 cm.

Attic ladder

After so much technological progress and time elapsed, the most practical and economical system to save a steep slope are still the stairs. We are so used to see interior stairs in any home, that one ends up thinking that they are “bought” in any store and installed already built.

Common situation, we arrive at the house and we need to go directly to the bedrooms (let’s say upstairs). It would not be logical to have to go through the whole house to get to the staircase. In that sense, a good location is in the entrance hall, to minimize the routes without invading other rooms.

If the staircase is part of a room (living room or dining room), we should try to ensure that its presence does not hinder its use. It should not reduce the space or limit the comfort of circulation. Where to place an interior staircase? Unless the surfaces are “kilometers” (I imagine this is not your case), I suggest placing the staircase in a lateral space to the room, so as not to hinder its use.

How much space is needed for a spiral staircase?

Spiral staircases shall comply with the following requirements: 1. They shall have a minimum diameter of 1.70 m. 2. The tread shall have a minimum dimension of 0.15 m, measured from a distance of 0.20 m from the edge of the supporting bar.

How do you measure the square footage of a staircase?

Calculate the area. Multiply the measurements to determine the square meter or foot of a step. Multiply the rounded measurements of length and width to obtain the square meter or foot of a step.

Which type of ladder is cheaper?

The most economical material is iron; as other materials such as wood, stainless steel or glass are incorporated, the price goes up: “A stainless steel and glass staircase will be more expensive than an iron and wood staircase, even if they have the same structure,” says Rafael Agudo.

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How to make a loft ladder

Stairs can be classified mainly by their shape. Their function in general terms will always be to lead us to an upper or lower space with ease. Stairs can be: Imperial, spiral, “U”, “L” and Linear or straight, also considered are the folding ones for attics and underwater.

You can place them in service patios to have access to the roof, in case you need to go up to hang clean clothes. You can also include them in a room with a loft. In very small spaces they can be an efficient way to go up and down any space.

The “L” shaped linear stairs are similar to the straight stairs with the difference that they have two ramps. One ramp in one direction and the other ramp placed at 90° to the first. Ideally, a straight staircase should not have more than 16 steps in the same direction. It is for this reason that an “L” shaped staircase can be a perfect solution. It is possible to make two ramps with the same dimensions or a short starting ramp with a landing that serves to rotate the next ramp, which can have a longer dimension.

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