Can I claim benefits if I work 16 hours a week?

Can I claim benefits if I work 16 hours a week?

How much unemployment do I get for 6 months worked?

2.1. Regarding overtime and annual holidays, the general rules set forth in Articles 30 et seq. and 66 et seq. of the Labor Code, respectively, are applicable to these contracts.

3. Part-time workers must work their daily working day continuously, i.e. without interruption, except for the purposes of the collation, which may only be extended for a period of not less than half an hour and not more than one hour.

Article 40 bis C of the Labor Code empowers the parties to the employment relationship only to agree on alternatives for the distribution of the agreed working day and not with respect to its extension.

4.1. In part-time employment contracts, both the duration and the possible alternatives for its distribution, which may be agreed by the parties, constitute a minimum clause of the respective contract and, therefore, must be expressly stated therein or in an annex that forms an integral part thereof.

How much unemployment do I get if I work part-time?

Entitlement to benefit

Taking into account that the IPREM has increased in 2021 to 564.9 euros and the amount of the subsidy is 80%, you will receive 451.92 euros. Therefore, if you have worked part-time, you will be entitled to 50% of the subsidy. This is 225.96 euros.

How many hours can I work while collecting unemployment benefits?

This means that it is possible to receive unemployment benefits and work at the same time, and it is even possible to apply for unemployment benefits and keep the job as long as it is a part-time job and does not cover the full working day, which in Spain is eight hours or whatever is indicated in the sectoral agreement.

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How do I notify the SEPE that I am starting to work?

You can do so: Through the Internet, at (if you have a digital certificate, electronic ID or [email protected] username and password). By calling the citizenship hotline. At the employment office of your address after requesting an appointment on the aforementioned website or by telephone.

Benefits Simulator

Quetzaltenango, January 27, 2022.  The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (Mintrab), through the General Directorate of Employment (DGE), inaugurated today an office for attention to Guatemalan migrant returnees and refugees, within the Attention Center for Migrants and Refugees, in the department of Quetzaltenango.

San Marcos, January 27, 2022.  As part of the strategy to expand the coverage of the Economic Program for the Elderly (PAM), the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, notified more than 1,000 older adults in conditions of extreme poverty, from the municipalities of San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta and San Marcos, department of San Marcos.

What happens if I am collecting the subsidy and start working?

If a worker who is receiving a subsidy starts working, the subsidy will necessarily be suspended if the work is full-time, and in some cases if it is part-time and the worker decides not to make it compatible, it will also be suspended.

How much unemployment do I get for 6 months worked 2021?

For every 6 months worked, you are entitled to two months of unemployment. That is to say, the minimum time during which you will receive unemployment is 4 months, since the minimum time you must have worked to receive unemployment is one year.

How much unemployment do I get for 4 years worked?

You are entitled to: A minimum of 120 days of unemployment (4 months of unemployment) if you have contributed between 360 and 539 days (between one year and one-half year worked). Up to a maximum of 720 days (2 years of unemployment) if contributions have been paid for six years or more in a job.

How to know if I am entitled to unemployment benefits

The options vary if what you are receiving is a contributory benefit (unemployment), an unemployment benefit, an extraordinary aid, or an ERTE. Look in the index for the heading that interests you:

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If you want to continue receiving unemployment benefits while working part-time, you must inform the SEPE (formerly INEM) that you want to continue receiving the proportionally reduced unemployment benefit.

That is to say, if for example the job you are offered is part-time, 50%, your benefit will be reduced to 50%.    If, for example, you are offered a part-time contract for 20% of your normal working day, you will receive 80% of your benefit.

If your contract ends and you become unemployed again, you will be able to receive 100% of the benefit again, as long as it has not been exhausted, because while you have received the benefit, although reduced, the days were still being used up.

If, for example, you are granted a benefit from June 30, 2020 to June 30, 2021, even if you are partially collecting the benefit for part of that period, the date of termination of unemployment will remain the same.

How much of the 2021 unemployment benefit will be collected?

How much unemployment benefit do I receive in unemployment benefits? In unemployment benefits, whatever your situation, the corresponding amount in 2021 is 451.92 euros per month. There has been a slight increase with respect to last year (€430), as the IPREM has been increased.

What happens if I am collecting unemployment benefits and start working part-time?

If you are receiving a contributory benefit and start working part-time as an employee, you can choose between interrupting the receipt of the benefit, while the contract is in force, or making the work compatible with the receipt of the contributory benefit.

When can I work and collect unemployment benefits?

As a general rule, the SEPE clarifies that it is not possible to work and collect unemployment benefits at the same time, so unemployment benefits will be suspended and can be resumed upon termination of the employment contract provided that the cause of the dismissal is involuntary.

How much is paid for 20 hours per week

Who has not passed up a job offer while unemployed just because it did not cover the full working day and did not know if they would lose their benefit? Part-time work is compatible with the payment of unemployment benefits, but under a series of conditions and with some restrictions that we detail in this article.

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The question now is how both incomes are articulated, i.e., how much unemployment benefit you will stop receiving when you start working or the unemployment benefit you will receive if you go from being hired full time to part time.

People who choose to work part-time and collect unemployment should bear in mind that the amount of benefit will decrease in proportion to the time worked. In other words, the State would only pay for the percentage of the working day that is not worked until a normal working day is completed, understood as the one established in the applicable agreement and which will generally cover eight hours. This is a logical measure, since otherwise you would be receiving more than what you are entitled to and it would be as if you were working the eight hours that the unemployment benefit is supposed to cover plus the hours that make up your new working day.

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