Is AO part of Amazon?

Is AO part of Amazon?

How to watch foreign content on Netflix, Prime Video

‘Everybody Loves Natti’ is produced in association with Monami Productions and Amazon Studios. Mona Scott-Young, the acclaimed producer of the hit ‘Love & Hip Hop’ franchise, is the creator and executive producer of the series, alongside executive producers Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina. Michael Lang and Stephanie R. Gayle are also executive producing for Monami Productions, along with showrunner and executive producer Alex Davies and executive producer Gil Lopez. Artie Pabon is co-executive producer.


The statements that have confirmed this suspicion have been made by Jeff Bezos himself to the BBC, who commented that both the Kindle Fire HD and the new PaperWhite are sold without profit margin by Amazon.

Bezos has been so clear, confirming what Koro Castellanos told us the other day in the video interview we did with him: Kindle owners read (and buy) more books, both electronic and paper, than those who do not have a reader.

Amazon also adds to its strategy that its flat-rate shipping service, which includes access to Intant Video, “motivates” users to buy more products, whatever they are, from its store.

It is curious that, while maintaining a completely opposite strategy to that of Apple – which bases its profits on the margin of its hardware products – both have reached a similar point of power in some strategic sectors for the near future.

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This business, so far of an unknown magnitude from the outside, is more than significant. Although for Amazon it does not represent something excessively relevant (7% of its turnover, its profitability is known), it is already around double what it is achieving with the physical stores it has opened to date and a figure higher than that achieved with its services, where Amazon Prime subscriptions come in.

There are not many companies similar to Amazon, and fewer that share its magnitude, but Microsoft, for example, shares with it being one of the technology giants that, without advertising being its main business, does represent a part of its income.

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This is an adaptation of the popular Japanese Amazon Original program, ‘Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documentary’, produced by and starring comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto. This format has been replicated exclusively for Prime Video in Italy, Germany, Mexico, Australia, France, India and soon for Brazil and Canada.

The series will premiere on October 15 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories. It is a documentary series that delves into one of the most prestigious elite police forces in the world: the Special Operations Group or GEO. For the first time in its history, a camera crew has exclusive access to the grueling selection process of the new members, which lasts more than 7 months. Each episode will follow the progress of this group of aspirants, delving into their personal history, their reactions to the tough tests and their transformation throughout a process that will push their physical and mental capabilities to the limit.

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