Is Janus a hedge fund?

Is Janus a hedge fund?

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At the same time, we have seen an impressive first quarter earnings season and a further easing of confinements seems increasingly likely, a consequence of the acceleration in the pace of vaccination.

Invests in smaller-cap companies domiciled in Europe (including the UK) or smaller-cap companies that are not domiciled in Europe but have a predominant part of their business activity in Europe. It takes the Euromoney Europe Smaller Companies index as its management benchmark.

Unlike most similar funds, which are purely growth, the management team takes a flexible approach in terms of styles (value vs. growth) which allows them to adapt to market conditions quickly. Currently, given the market context, the team sees more potential in more value positions.

The fund is managed by Ollie Beckett and Rory Stokes, CFA with support from Julia Scheufler, CFA, and the rest of the European equity team. Beckett is responsible for the European Small Cap strategy. Ollie first joined Henderson as an associate European equity portfolio manager following the merger with AMP Asset Management in 1998.

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The investment manager may use derivatives (complex financial instruments) to reduce risk, to manage the Fund more efficiently, or to generate additional capital or income for the Fund.

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The Fund is actively managed with reference to the MSCI World Health Care Index, which is broadly representative of the companies in which it may invest, as it forms the basis of the Fund’s performance objective. The investment manager has the discretion to choose individual investments for the Fund with different weightings to the index or that are not in the index, but from time to time the Fund may hold investments similar to the index.

The value of investments and the income derived from them may fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency fluctuations and investors may not get back the amount originally invested.Potential investors should read the prospectus and, where relevant, the key investor information document before investing.This website is a marketing communication and does not constitute an investment recommendation.When investing in the Fund you will be purchasing units/shares of the Fund itself and not the underlying assets owned by the Fund.

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The policies of the European Central Bank, coupled with the shift in market sentiment as corporate earnings recover, has caused investors to set aside their reservations about eurozone equities.

It employs a disciplined investment process, developed by the manager in 1988, that bypasses market sentiment to take advantage of valuation anomalies in the market. It combines bottom-up analysis with a qualitative overview that helps the management team control risk while seeking to maximize returns. It looks for superior quality companies with established track records, which are valued at prices that do not reflect their intrinsic value or future prospects.

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Subscription to the Janus Henderson HF – Euroland Sterling Hedged Institutional I2 class requires a minimum contribution of £600,000 (approximately EUR 693,700), with a fixed 1% deposit fee of up to 0.006%. It also applies a variable fee of 10% on positive performance between the fund and its benchmark. The fund also has an I2 class in euros, with the same fees and a minimum contribution of 1 million euros. For retail investors, an A2 class is also available with a minimum investment requirement of 2,500 euros and fixed and deposit fees of 1.20% and 0.01% respectively, in addition to the variable fee of 10% on positive results between the fund and its benchmark index.

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Derivatives are financial instruments that derive their value from the return generated by another financial instrument (the underlying). Derivatives are contracts negotiated between two parties, referred to as “counterparties”. One counterparty is the buyer and the other the seller.

The underlying instruments could be company shares (“securities”), bonds or commodities. Derivatives exist in all financial asset classes. They can be used to speculate on how the price of an underlying will evolve or to offset (“hedge”) the risk of loss.

However, Enterprise Inc’s shares are denominated in dollars, and the manager believes that, over time, the dollar will depreciate against the euro. A fall in the value of the dollar could severely erode investors’ returns, even if Enterprise Inc.’s share price were to rise.

Imagine a fund manager who believes that the share price of supermarket retailer Grocery Group will decline. One way to profit from a share price decline is to take a “short” position; a trade he can make using a derivative known as a “contract for difference.

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