Is Xerox profitable?

Is Xerox profitable?

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Xerox devices allow users to scan, share or print documents with greater flexibility. The devices feature single-pass double-sided scanning at up to 200 images per minute, and customizable single touch scanning that makes it easy to quickly send scans to e-mail, PC or the cloud at the touch of a button.

Thanks to Xerox ConnectKey technology, users can print from the device of their choice, making printing faster and easier. Xerox Mobile Print and Apple AirPrint allow users to securely print from almost any mobile device to any multifunction printer, regardless of brand.

To help businesses control data breaches and other security threats, the WorkCentre 5945/5955 is integrated with McAfee technology, ensuring that only authorized users have access to the device.

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The rental itself includes these services, so that, in case of any doubt, problem or incident with the equipment, you have at your disposal professionals who will be in charge of resolving any breakdown and the correct operation of the product.

This practical solution will prevent you from making the significant initial outlay involved in the purchase of a professional multifunctional printer, and at the same time will provide you with the usefulness and performance that your company requires on those specific occasions.

The tax advantage of professional printer leasing is once again evidence of its profitability and convenience. In this way, you can completely deduct the expense for the monthly fee corresponding to the rental of printers…

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Knowing the price per copy and monitoring all your printing allows you to control your expenses to the millimeter. You pay for what you use. No more, no less.    This way you will avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

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It’s no news that the home office is here to stay. In a recent study by Talent Solutions and Everest Group, 51% of organizations estimate that more than 40% of their employees will continue to work from home or in hybrid schemes. In addition, the advantages found by both companies and employees were diverse. However, without the right tools, work processes and workforce performance can experience delays or complications.

Against this backdrop, Xerox says that companies cannot afford to slow down their processes and therefore recommends that the workforce be updated with the same devices they had in the office, or with equipment that can provide the same security and performance.

According to Patricia Rueda, General Manager of Xerox Distributor Group, business leaders may ask themselves: what is the best printer available to keep their employees productive when working remotely? And the answer lies in key features that will keep business moving:

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With 2015 revenue of $11 billion, Document Technology picks up Xerox’s scanning and copying hadware. While Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) will be dedicated to offering services to improve the workflow of its customers; this business unit had a turnover of $7 billion in 2015.

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In the press release issued by Xerox announcing the split, Xerox explains that today’s market realities require greater flexibility and agility, as well as the ability to innovate and adapt technology to customers’ needs. The split into a document technology business and a BPO business serves different needs, has different growth drivers, and requires customized operating models and capital structures. So the separation of the two businesses will improve the competitive position of both, the statement said.

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