What is considered low income by the government?

What is considered low income by the government?

Unemployment benefits

The study warned that minimum income programs can generate disincentives to joining the labor market, especially when one of the eligibility conditions is to be unemployed, and that one of the most complex challenges facing these programs is the growth in all countries of the percentage of workers receiving remuneration below the poverty line.

In view of the seriousness of the crisis and the rapid evolution of the contagions, the Congress of Deputies, with the previous agreement of the Council of Ministers, has approved the extension of the state of alarm on five occasions, through Royal Decrees 476/2020, of March 27, 487/2020, of April 10, 492/2020, of April 24, 514/2020, of May 8 and 537/2020, of May 22.

Crisis situations project their most detrimental effects on the most vulnerable and insecure population, which does not enjoy a permanent stability in its income, and which is also insufficiently served by most social policies, linked to the existence of stable employment relationships.

How does the SEPE check income?

Documentation to prove the level of income

In the application form for all grants and subsidies, authorization is given to the SEPE to check the applicant’s income, consulting data from the Tax Agency and the Social Security.

What is considered as income for the over 52 years old subsidy?

Among the income included are employment income, pensions and unemployment benefits; movable capital; real estate capital; income obtained in economic, professional, business and agricultural activities; and capital gains.

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What is considered minimum living income?

The income thresholds must be met, be between 23 and 65 years of age and have been living legally in Spain for at least one year. This last criterion is not taken into account if you are a victim of gender violence or sexual exploitation.


For the purposes of receiving unemployment benefits, the following are considered eligible income or earnings: assets, rights or yields that the unemployed person and, if applicable, the members of his or her family unit have, derived from work, from movable or real estate capital, from economic activities and those of a benefit nature, except for Social Security allowances for dependent children and the amount of the contributions destined to financing the special agreement with the Social Security Administration.

In the same way, the full (gross) yields of the movable capital, monetary or in kind, that come from patrimonial elements, goods or rights have to be computed as long as they are not real estate and they are not assigned to economic activities. E.g.: income from current accounts.

All the incomes are imputed to their holder, but those derived from the exploitation of an asset of exclusive property of one of the spouses, if the matrimonial regime is that of community property, will be imputed by half to each of the spouses.

What are the company’s own revenues?

All current revenues of public establishments, excluding contributions and transfers from the Nation.

What is rent deprivation?

Unemployment assistance benefits have one requirement in common: the applicant must not exceed a certain level of income. This is known as the “no income requirement”.

When do I have to inform the SEPE that I have received an inheritance?

It is VERY IMPORTANT to communicate the acquisition of the inheritance on time, otherwise you will lose the subsidy. The term to make the communication is 30 days. Once you sign the deed of acceptance of the inheritance before a notary, you must communicate the acceptance of the inheritance to the sepe within 30 days.

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Online application for active insertion income

In addition to the aforementioned modifications, the Ministry of Inclusion has set up the Registry of Mediators of the Minimum Living Income so that third sector collaborating entities, dedicated to social action, can accredit the suitability of potential beneficiaries.

Although the measure has been applauded and celebrated since its approval, the implementation of the MMI has had several obstacles, which have led to criticism such as the harshness of the requirements for some groups, the excessive bureaucratic procedures for people who do not have sufficient tools, resources or knowledge to apply for it, or the time it has taken to arrive.

How much does the over-52 benefit 2021 pay?

In December 2021, the new bases were published with retroactive effect from September 1, 2021 and are those in force in 2022, setting the minimum base at 1,125.90 euros per month. As the contribution rate is 125%, the subsidy for persons over 52 years of age is 1,407.37 euros.

What is required to collect the 55 years old benefit?

Requirements for claiming the subsidy for people over 55 years of age

Not to be entitled to the contributory unemployment benefit. Be registered as unemployed and continue in this situation for the entire period during which the subsidy is received (i.e., the unemployment benefit must be stamped on the dates indicated). Sign the activity commitment.

When is the minimum living income collected in 2021?

Therefore, benefits will start to be collected as from January 1, which this year falls on a weekend and New Year’s Eve and January 2 on a Sunday, so the date is likely to vary. For this reason, banks may advance the payment to the last week of December or delay it until Monday, January 3.

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Unemployment subsidy for people with family responsibilities

Ayala warns that it would be more appropriate to make this calculation with median incomes, that is, the value that would be right in the middle after ordering all incomes from the lowest to the highest. The median value is more susceptible to being distorted by abnormally high or low data, but it serves as a guide. The INE living conditions survey gives a lower median income value, 14,203.30 euros, but Ayala recalls that the Tax Agency’s figure may be more practical if we are talking about tax increases.

Ayala recalls that the upper classes, the richest 10%, “were practically not affected by the crisis”. Peláez agrees: the crisis did not affect those with high incomes as much as “the working classes and immigrants, who do face severe poverty and in which there is a higher incidence of child poverty”.

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