Why is Vanguard doing so well?

Why is Vanguard doing so well?

Is Riot Vanguard safe? We talked it over with a

As detailed at the multiplayer presentation held by members of the Sledgehammer Games development team, Call of Duty: Vanguard will put you in the shoes of a global force of operators with a collection of powerful weapons at your disposal, all powered by an engine developed to underpin Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® (2019).

Along with updates from Beenox, the lead developer of Call of Duty on PC, and Raven Software, the lead developer of Warzone, this launch event set the tone for Vanguard’s multiplayer: an intimately connected ecosystem detailing the origins of Special Forces.

The Vanguard beta will be available for two weekends, the first of which will be for PlayStation users. * An internet connection is required for both beta weekends**.

The start of the second Vanguard beta weekend, which will be available from Thursday, September 16, at 19:00 CEST until Saturday, September 18, at 19:00 CEST, will be an open beta or early access beta.


The Patrol mode, as we told you in our impressions of the beta, has also been quite fun in our games. It is a sort of “mobile” Hot Spot that we have to go guarding or taking as it moves around the map as if it were a kind of “cargo” generating very interesting combat situations of combat, although it is nothing we have not seen in games like Team Fortress or Overwatch (with their cargo escort modes), while the King of the Hill mode replaces, so to speak, the Shootout mode with clashes in arenas of 2 VS. 2 or 3 VS. 3 in which we will be facing other teams in individual matches. Depending on the result of each one, our team will run out of lives and, in the end, there will only be two teams that will face each other to find out who is the champion in games with good tension peaks.

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Another interesting point is that, after returning from the place where the portals take us in each mission we will see how a new part of Stalingrad is unlocked that we can explore and free from the zombie threat and, in addition, every time we start a game in Der Anfang our progression will restart restarting the loop with new powers or different missions, increasing the replayability of each game and offering us, from our own experience with this mode, lots of fun, fast-paced action and thousands of zombies to slaughter with some of the most emblematic weapons of World War II.

Call of Duty: Vanguard – Is it worth it?

We saw that the community loved Paul Chamberlain, head of VALORANT’s anti-cheat system, during his first appearance, so we brought him back to chat with him about some additional Riot Vanguard bugs he’s seen out there, as well as some tweaks we implemented based on his feedback.

We released some updates to Riot Vanguard in order to address the latest developments in cheating technology. One of these updates had a negative impact on some non-cheating players, as it prevented them from playing VALORANT because Riot Vanguard detected a security vulnerability that cheating systems could exploit. Unfortunately, this is a very broad brush statement, but we are also trying not to give out information about the systems that cheat developers will have to deal with (this will be a constant challenge for us, even though we always try to maintain transparency).


So, we return to the Second World War, in this case to explore the founding of the special forces. During the tour, we face Hitler’s successor to prevent the arrival of the Fourth Reich. Everything, so that later someone can raise the victims of the war as the living dead. These are hackneyed ideas, yes, but again I insist that the result is playable. Let’s see, part by part, how is this Vanguard.

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To the surprise of absolutely no one, Call of Duty: Vanguard does not pose any revolution at the mechanical level with respect to what we have already seen in the series. It’s still a snappy and fun game for both casual and more experienced players, with a relatively low TTK and a solid progression that lets you sport rare greeting cards or modify your weapons with all sorts of add-ons. Now, it looks like Sledgehammer Games took the initiative to adapt the formula to World War II a little too hard, so the final version of the game poses a number of tweaks that makes it a little more… reasonable than what we saw in the beta.

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