Is Russia in the UK sanctions list?

Is Russia in the UK sanctions list?

Russia does not record violations that could affect the outcome

U.S. President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the heads of state and government of several European countries, the European Union and NATO discussed the development of the situation around Ukraine. These include sanctions against Russia in the event of an escalation of the conflict, reports The Mirror.

For his part, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg has removed the gas sector and Nord Stream 2 from the list of facilities that could be affected by possible sanctions. He explained that 40 percent of Austria’s gas comes from Russia, so the state has a certain dependence that cannot be changed immediately.

In particular, Kurt Volker, former special representative for Ukraine at the U.S. State Department, called for preemptive measures against Russia. One should not wait until it is too late, Volker says. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy is also calling for such sanctions.

U.S. defying Russia and China? In Depth

In fact, this punishment has been dubbed the “nuclear option” because of the dire consequences it could have for the Russian economy and for the value of its currency, the ruble. The Swift transaction consortium is the basis of the global financial system because it is used by 11,000 banks in 200 countries and territories to make transfers.

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The best-known similar precedent dates back to 2012, when Swift cut ties with some 30 Iranian banks, a product of sanctions imposed by the European Union and U.S. pressure, which contributed to the decline of the Persian economy.

“I have no doubt that it would be a very powerful weapon,” said the British Prime Minister on Tuesday, when asked if the United Kingdom would sanction Russia with the exclusion of this financial system. However, Johnson assured that this measure could only be implemented with the help of the United States.

Thus, in addition to the exclusion of the Swift system, Washington has an ace up its sleeve that it has never used against another country: the so-called Foreign-Produced Direct Product Rule, which would limit access to Russia for chips.

Russia announces that it will respond if the United Kingdom implements new

The United States and its allies have prepared a list of Russian elite members in or close to President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle to punish them with sanctions if Russia sends troops to Ukraine, a senior U.S. official said Monday.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the British warning “very worrisome,” saying such statements undermined the attractiveness of British investment and would be counterproductive by hurting British businesses.

“It is not often that we see or hear such direct threats about attacks on businesses,” Peskov said. “An attack by a certain country on Russian companies implies retaliatory measures, and these measures will be formulated according to our interests if necessary.”

Putin’s opponents have repeatedly called on the West to get tough on Russian money, although Russian oligarchs and leaders continue to flaunt their wealth in Europe’s most luxurious destinations.

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“The individuals we have identified are within or close to the inner circles of the Kremlin and play a role in government decision-making or are, at a minimum, complicit in the Kremlin’s destabilizing behavior,” the Washington-based official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

UK sanctions against Russia

Truss explained in an interview with Sky News that the current laws only allow the Executive to decree sanctions against individuals and companies “directly involved in the destabilization of Ukraine”.

The British government announced on Saturday night that it will propose this week to NATO an increase in the British contribution to the mission in Eastern Europe. Truss said today that its plans include increasing its troops in Estonia, where the United Kingdom has some 900 military personnel.

The minister assured that she does not rule out “absolutely nothing” in the UK’s efforts to support Ukraine, although she admitted that it is “very unlikely” that she will send troops on the ground.

She stressed that London has helped train more than 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers, has sent anti-tank missiles and other “defensive weapons” to Kiev, has collaborated with the Ukrainian Navy and has taken steps to move Ukraine towards “energy independence”.

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