What does it mean when charges run concurrent?

Stages of the concurrent control

Currently, we can consider that we are facing concurrent elections when on the same day, both at federal and local level, the election day is held, that is to say, voting takes place. In this sense, June 6, 2021 will be the first time in which both the Federation and all the states will hold concurrent elections, that is, they will vote to elect federal deputies, while on the same date the states will renew their city councils, local congresses and, some of them, their governorships.

In this order of ideas, by way of example, at the federal level, last September 7, the INE began the 2020-2021 federal electoral process; on the other hand, at the local level, Querétaro will begin its elections in October, while in our state, the local electoral process will begin in January 2021. In all three cases, the election day will be held on the same day (June 6, 2021).

Thus, based on the above considerations and the previous example, it is clear that we are facing concurrent elections not because of the beginning of any of the processes in particular, but because of the coinciding date of the celebration of the election day.

What offices are elected in a concurrent election?

The elected offices are for Governor, Local Deputies and City Councils for the Federal Entities and Head of Government, Deputies for the Legislative Assembly and Delegation Heads for the Federal District.

What about the 2021 elections?

Political trend of the mayoralties

Venezuela’s 2021 regional elections were held on November 21, 2021. All executive and legislative offices of the 23 federal entities as well as that of the 335 municipalities of the country were renewed in the elections.

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What does constituencies mean?

A constituency is the group of voters that forms the basis for their votes to be distributed among a determined number of seats. Consequently, it is the electoral district where the seats are assigned to candidates or parties that have won the elections.

Concurrent control plan

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In this case it is also verified that the directing vector of the line is perpendicular to the normal of the plane. But unlike the previous case, all the points of the line are in the plane. This allows us to state that:

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Let \(r) be a line neither parallel nor perpendicular to a plane. Let \(r) be the orthogonal projection of \(r) on \(r). The angle between \(r) and \(r’\) is defined as the acute angle formed by \(r) and \(r’\).

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What does it mean that the vote is equal?

Equal. It means that the vote of all persons has the same value. … The vote is cast under certain conditions that make it impossible to know which way each voter has voted and no one can be compelled before or after the electoral act to reveal his vote.

Which states have elections in 2021?

Chiapas: 40 deputies and 124 city councils. Chihuahua: Governor, 33 congressional representatives, 67 city councils and 67 mayoralties. Mexico City: 66 congressional seats and 16 city councils. Coahuila: 38 municipal presidencies, 76 municipal councils and 400 regidurías.

What are elected in local elections?

Pursuant to Article 25 of the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures, ordinary local elections to elect governors, the head of government of Mexico City, local legislatures and city councils will be held on the first Sunday of June of the corresponding year.

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Medical Concurrences 2021

In Argentine political jargon, a ballot that includes candidates for several categories of offices, glued together side by side, for example, governor and vice-governor, provincial senators, provincial deputies, mayors, and councilors, is called “lista sábana horizontal” (a “horizontal sheet list”). This type of ballot generates what is known as the “drag effect”, which occurs when the voter concentrates on the category he/she considers most relevant (president or governor, for example), voting for the candidates for the rest of the categories without paying much attention to who the candidates are.

It responds to the requirements of federalism and assumes the same number of representatives for all electoral districts regardless of the number of inhabitants of each one. This is the case of the Senate, for example, where each province and the City of Buenos Aires have 3 representatives.

A quota or female quota exists when by law a minimum number of women are established as candidates in the lists of the political parties. In Argentina, the female quota is guaranteed by Law No. 24,012, which establishes that in all lists of candidates presented by political parties, a minimum of 30% shall be composed of women with the possibility of being elected. In other words, in the order of candidates of each list there must be at least one woman for every two men, and if a party renews two positions, at least one of the candidates it proposes must be a woman. Each district may follow the national law in this respect or establish its own quota. There are provinces that do not have a female quota (see indicator in “Electoral regime by district”).

How many governorships did the opposition win?

The result was the victory of the ruling party in 20 of the 22 governorships in dispute plus the victories in the Metropolitan District of Caracas and Alto Apure; the opposition only won the governorships of Zulia and Nueva Esparta.

What are plurinominal constituencies in Mexico?

Plurinominal constituency. Geographic area made up of a group of states, which serves as the basis for the election of the 200 deputies and 32 senators elected by the principle of proportional representation.

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What are the electoral districts in Mexico?

Mexico’s electoral districts are a geographic area made up of one or more states through which federal deputies are elected by the principle of proportional representation.

Electoral Sheet 2021

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