What happens with a technical violation?

What happens with a technical violation?

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This statement is supported by a recent court ruling issued by the 33rd Administrative Court of Madrid, which -in response to an appeal filed by AEA’s lawyers- has annulled a fine of 200 euros imposed for failing to pass the ITV on a vehicle that was parked, considering that “the offence to be sanctioned is constituted by the fact of driving, not by the failure to submit the vehicle to the ITV on a regular basis”.

Given that infringements relating to the technical conditions of vehicles and compulsory insurance are excluded from municipal jurisdiction, the penalty was imposed by the Provincial Traffic Chief of Madrid after rejecting the arguments put forward by the interested party, who decided to put the matter in the hands of AEA’s lawyers to file the corresponding legal appeal.

AEA emphasizes that this judicial resolution constitutes an important legal precedent and will allow to clearly determine which facts may or may not be sanctioned in relation to the technical inspection of vehicles.

What happens if I don’t have the technical revision?

If carabineros or inspectors detect that a car is circulating with an expired technical inspection, they will proceed to issue a serious report, carrying a fine of between 1 and 1.5 UTM (approximately $50 thousand and $75 thousand pesos). The vehicle may even be impounded, since it is not in legal conditions to circulate.

What merits not having a technical review?

The fine for not having a current technical revision is S/ 2200. May 22, 2021 – 10:33 a. m. … The fine for driving a vehicle that does not have a current Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate is S/ 2200 (50% of one UIT).

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How much is the fine for not having a technical inspection?

2150.00. The fine for not having technical revision 2021 is S/. 2200.00 (two thousand two hundred soles), which is equivalent to 50% of one UIT.

Technical inspection fine

There are several reasons why a car can circulate without ITV. All of them are punishable but the excuse makes the difference in the amount of the penalty. We review the fines that you can be fined for not passing the ITV.

In addition to the fine, the agents of the authority who detect a vehicle circulating without ITV, can withdraw the circulation license that the driver will only recover once the inspection is passed. In the worst case, they are authorized to immobilize the vehicle.

There is no maximum time limit for passing the ITV once it has expired; but once the date has passed you will not be able to drive the vehicle. If you do so, they can withdraw your license and, from that moment on, you will only have 10 days to pass the inspection. If the 10 days pass and your vehicle is still without an ITV, it can be sealed.

It is considered that the technical inspection has been unfavorable when during it serious defects have been detected in the car. These defects must be repaired within a maximum of two months, and then it is mandatory to return to the same ITV station to pass the inspection again.

What happens if I have an expired technical revision 2021?

Although all fines were increased and the fine for not having a VTV can reach almost $80,000, minor fines, from 50 to 100 UF, such as not having the required documentation, driving with an expired driver’s license for up to six months or driving without insurance, will cost between $395 and $7,990.

What do they check in the technical review?

Other components included in the check are lights, chassis, transmission and internal combustion, exhaust, pollutant emissions, bodywork, windshield, seats, doors, mirrors, windshield wipers, horn, seat belts, speedometer and instruments.

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How many days can I drive with an expired technical revision?

The validity of the technical inspection and pollutant emissions verification certificates for vehicles corresponding to digits 1 and 2 of their license plate (which were originally due in April and May) will be extended by 2 months to June and July 2020, respectively.

It is possible to circulate with the technical revision disapproved.

Regarding the technical aspects, the main areas that are reviewed are the emissions of polluting gases, the front and rear light system, the service brake system and parking brakes, the suspension system, the steering and alignment system, and that the vehicle has all the visual devices and tools required by the standard according to the type of service it provides.

In terms of documentation, all documents are checked to ensure that they are in order. Among the documents that are reviewed are the ownership card, the validity of the SOAT, the validity of the vehicle registration certificate for the service provided, among others. For a complete list, you can review the requirements to pass the technical inspection.

Currently, the fine for not having the technical inspection is half UIT. In other words, to date, the fine is approximately S/. 2,025.00, not counting the costs of having your vehicle in the impound lot. Avoid this fine and these inconveniences by passing your technical inspection in advance.

How much is the fine for not having VTV 2021?

The cost of the procedure to carry out the controls and avoid a fine for not having a VTV is $2,665 for cars and $1,002 for motorcycles.

How much is the technical revision 2021?

Check the list of authorized Vehicle Technical Inspection Centers – CITV. The cost of the vehicle technical inspection may vary in each CITV, however it ranges between S/ 80.00 and S/ 95.00 for private vehicles and between S/ 95.00 and S/ 180.00 for public transport and goods vehicles.

What is the difference between national and provincial VTV?

By zone and category

A private vehicle can travel all over the country because the provincial VTV is adhered to the national law. The provincial VTV has to adhere to the provincial law which, in turn, is adhered to the national law”.

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Fine for not having a technical inspection 2020

One of the greatest fears that motorists have is to commit an infraction to the Traffic Law that results in a monetary penalty and that may compromise the continuity of their driving licenses.

Although having a clear knowledge about the current driving regulations is fundamental before driving a car, it is worth remembering which are the parts of a driver that you should avoid.

Chilean legislation establishes that not all infractions are the same, but are categorized according to their seriousness. Therefore, not all have the same punishment. What are some of the most frequent fines?

When driving, you need to be in full use of all your senses to be able to anticipate risky situations and perform maneuvers correctly. That is why people who need to wear glasses should always go out with them.

What is the fine for driving without a seat belt? These elements belong to the passive safety of the vehicle, that is to say, they fulfill an important function at the moment of reducing the consequences of an accident. Therefore, the penalty for not wearing them is considered “serious” (from 1 to 1.5 UTM).

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