Why is Iran sanctioned by us?

Why is Iran sanctioned by us?

Iran is a rich country or a poor country

The U.S. Treasury Department and its Persian Gulf allies on Tuesday adopted sanctions against Taliban in Afghanistan and Iranian officials accused of financially supporting them.

The Terrorist Finance Center (TFTC), a collaborative body between Washington and Gulf countries, said the sanctions were aimed at “exposing and affecting Taliban actors and their Iranian sponsors who seek to undermine the security of the Afghan government.”

The TFTC said Owhadi struck a deal with a senior Taliban official in 2017 in Afghanistan’s Herat province in which the Revolutionary Guards would provide military and financial support to the Taliban in exchange for attacking government forces in that city.

Also named were Taliban deputy governor for Herat, Abdullah Samad Faroqui; Mohamed Daoud Muzzamil, who holds the same position in Helmand province; Naim Barich, who manages Taliban-Iran relations; and three other senior Taliban officials.

EU sanctions against Iran

The Iranian president warned that the recent incidents in the Strait of Hormuz seriously threatened the security of the region and maintained that the peace, stability and security of the Persian Gulf is the responsibility of the countries of the area, not of foreign powers.

In this context, he proposed to the countries directly affected by the events in the Persian Gulf and Hormuz to form the Coalition of Hope, whose aim would be to promote peace, stability, progress and welfare in the region, as well as to enhance understanding and peaceful relations among these nations.

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Rouhani explained that this initiative is based on UN principles and would include various forms of cooperation for the collective provision of energy security, freedom of navigation and free transfer of oil and other resources in the region.

The UN head calls for avoiding any escalation of tensions amid those that already exist in the Persian Gulf. He also calls for compliance at all times with international humanitarian law.

Sanctions on Iran

The vaccine import ban deprives Iranians of access to vaccines produced by Pfizer and BioNTech, a partnership of U.S. and German companies, and AstraZeneca, a U.K.-based pharmaceutical company.

While the U.S. is using economic sanctions to block Iran’s support for terrorism and wars using others in the Middle East, they do not sanction medical supplies, agricultural products, personal communication devices or humanitarian aid destined for the Iranian people.


Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani called President Donald Trump “mentally retarded” after he ordered new sanctions against Tehran. Rouhani said the move shows that the US is lying about wanting to negotiate and only proves that Washington is desperate and out of options.

In a televised session of ministers, Rouhani added that the new sanctions are “extravagant and idiotic” and will fail because Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, one of the main targets, has no foreign assets.

“The Americans don’t want to negotiate? If they are honest, why are they sanctioning Iran’s foreign minister at the same time they pretend they want to negotiate? Then they are obviously lying. They should at least wait for a while, so that the world doubts whether their pretense regarding negotiating is true or false,” Rohani said.

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The president’s statements came just hours after the US announced the imposition of new sanctions affecting Ayatollah Khamanei and Foreign Minister Mohamed Yavad Zarif, as well as eight commanders of the Revolutionary Guard.

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