Do pediatricians recommend ISR?

Do pediatricians recommend ISR?

Swimming isr course

What is considered digital services, well, these are when they are provided through applications or content in digital format through the internet or other network, mainly automated, and may or may not require minimal human intervention, provided that for the services a consideration is charged.

Going into the matter, first we will see in a simplified manner what it consists of for ISR purposes, the subjects are individuals with business activities that sell goods or provide services through the internet, through technological platforms, computer applications and similar, many of these taxpayers are already paying their taxes, however there are many who do not and for this reason this addition was made to the Income Tax Law.

The form in which they will pay it is by means of withholding that the digital platform will make on the total of the income that they effectively receive, the withholding will have the character of provisional payment, depending on the type of service that is granted will be the rate that will be applied for the withholding of the tax whether it is ground transportation or lodging service as well as a rate for the alienation of goods.

Colitis in children treatment

Four cases of simple pelvic obliquity in female infants are presented. The clinical and radiological findings at the time of diagnosis, the therapeutic approach and the evolution of each of them are described.

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Congenital pelvic obliquity (PCO) or hip abduction contracture (CAB) is a common pathology in infants. This entity was first described more than half a century ago. Despite this, there are few publications on the subject and it is still a little known pathology among pediatricians.

Its diagnosis is mainly clinical. Imaging tests (ultrasound and radiography) may be useful. Treatment, when indicated, should be early. The evolution in most cases is favorable.

X-ray of the hips: no signs of acetabular dysplasia or dislocation are observed. Asymmetry of both hips is observed, without being able to specify if it is positional or real, and it should be clinically evaluated if there is a PCO. Diagnosis: simple left PCO. Treatment: rehabilitation for stretching exercises. Evolution: at seven months of life, no findings of pathological significance were observed in the control radiology.

Crohn’s disease in children treatment

Medical expenses can reduce a person’s budget significantly, especially when those expenses arise from an emergency or unforeseen event, which obviously was not contemplated within the family or personal budget, and may even be due to the fact that the health insurance contracted does not cover certain types of procedures.

However, the Tax Administration Service grants taxpayers some relief in this type of situations that get out of hand, since some of them are tax-deductible medical expenses at the time of filing your annual tax return. To take advantage of this benefit, it is important to know the characteristics required to apply the deduction.

“I have had people come to me excited to ask me to help them file their tax returns, because they are sure that they will have a credit balance because they asked for an invoice for everything, and the opposite happens; they have to pay the SAT because they used cash,” he stresses.

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In short, the expenses that count, in this aspect, are those that are linked to hospitalization, since “Medicines that are purchased at the pharmacy do not fall within this parameter”. Even “clinical analyses, the purchase or rental of a device to carry out rehabilitation, a prosthesis and the purchase of prescription glasses can also be deductible,” he stresses.

Colitis in children aged 2 to 3 years

The video, which quickly gained millions of views on TikTok, has caused a lot of controversy and started a debate on social media because of how impressive it is to see the baby being thrown into the pool, only to see how he floats on his own.

In an interview for Motherly, Krysta explains that she understands why people may be scared by the video when they see it out of context, but she thinks that what appears in it is appropriate, and even comments that she thinks it is good that it causes controversy because it makes parents talk about water safety, which could save lives.

For his part, a pediatrician representing the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stated some time ago that pediatricians do not recommend methods of throwing babies into the water like the one in the video, as there is a significant risk of water entering the lungs if the baby does not hold its breath long enough or in the right time, which could lead to a lack of oxygen to the brain, pneumonia or drowning.

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