How do band-aids help people?

How do band-aids help people?

Breathe better nasal strips what is it for?

It is a nasal dilator. In its beginnings it was used to dilate the nostrils and attenuate the possible snoring although little by little it was extended due to its contrasted benefits.

As we have already mentioned, through this adhesive strip, we will be filtering the air we breathe. It will not only be used by athletes, as its effect will be highly beneficial for people suffering from respiratory diseases.

The irruption of this adhesive tape in the world of sports has done nothing but improve our physical performance. All this has been through a cheap and very easy to use object, which has contributed to its rapid spread.

Tiras nasales caseras

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What are nasal strips for?

In the case of nose snorers, the sound is produced by an obstruction of the nostrils. To check if this is the case, you should close your mouth, plug a hole and take a deep breath. If during this process, with one of the two nostrils plugged, the patient notices difficulty in taking a breath, his snoring is due to this reason.

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The solution to stop snoring may be to use nasal strips. These products, which can be bought in any pharmacy or supermarket, stretch the nose to allow the passage of as much air as possible when breathing.

To avoid this type of snoring, doctors recommend using a tape that holds the chin and keeps the mouth closed -also called anti-snoring straps-, not sleeping on the back, avoiding the products mentioned above and also reducing weight in case of obesity.

The third of the possible reasons for snoring is tongue vibration. To check if this is the reason, you should close your mouth and try to make the snoring sound. If by repeating this by pulling a piece of the tongue out of the mouth the sound decreases, the snoring is most likely due to this.

Nasal strips how they work

Carrying a few extra pounds can cause extra fatty tissue in the neck and throat, which can narrow the airways. Losing weight can help open up the airway. Although it is a factor that can favor snoring, there are thin people who also suffer from it.

If your nose is blocked by mucus, saline rinses can help. If you have allergies, try to avoid dust mites or use allergy medication. If swelling of nasal tissues is the problem, a humidifier or medication may reduce swelling.

In people who are overweight, snoring is common, regardless of the position they choose to sleep in. In the case of thin patients, it may be due to the presence of a long, thick uvula, large tonsils and/or tongue, deviated septum, or infrequent pathologies of the palate, tongue or larynx. The diagnosis of obstructive levels is a frequent reason for consultation in otorhinolaryngology practice.

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